By Mahima Kaur




THIS WILD orangutan was caught posing like a real life Ninja Warrior UK.


Photographer Syahrul Ramadan (46) captured this orangutan who tries his best to give his best performance of the day by hanging and swinging from the treetops.

The orang is in its ninja form.

Orangutans like this one captured in Jakarta, Indonesia are known to be very observant and inquisitive.


Orangutans’ arms stretch out longer than their bodies – over two metres from fingertip to fingertip – and are used to employ a “hookgrip”.

Watching this delightful spectacle, Syahrul decided to capture the daring orangutan with his Olympus OMD EM1 from 20 feet away.

“I saw this orangutan child trying to reach a branch to climb on,” said Syahrul.


“Even after climbing one tree after another, the orangutan could only get a few leaves.

The unbelievable ninja stunts performed by the orang.

“She does this type of hanging and crossing often.


“It was great to see her doing such interesting stunts and I felt so happy that I could capture it.”