By Mahima Kaur






IF YOU thought I’m A Celebrity was gruesome this man has revealed how he eats all the organs of animals in his 95% carnivore diet including livers, testicles and even PENIS.


Entrepreneur Jack Henry Turco (21) from Libertyville, Illinois, USA is better known as ‘butter dawg’ because of his high fat, majorly animal based diet.


One year ago, six feet three inches tall and 190 pounds Jack became a strict carnivore, consuming around 4,000 calories a day.

Jack with his favourite ‘pizzle soup’

A college rower at his University, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, he started feeling much more energetic and powerful because of the changes in his diet.


He started eating some fruits and vegetables and an occasional bowl of white rice but expanded his carnivorous diet to include all possible organs- testicles, pizzle (penises of bull), livers etc.


His energy levels have been incomparable since then and he continues enjoying the same diet, all for just £16 a day.


He confesses that his diet and lifestyle has isolated him for his friends.


“My diet has isolated me from my peers in many ways,” said Jack.


“People do not understand, although social media has opened a door into my world.


“Many people find entertainment and value out of my lifestyle and that makes me happy.


“But there have been conflicts with roommates and friends before especially when I would smoke out the house cooking meats.”


People have also sneaked their way into his posts on social media to comment or troll him but he has also seen people who have been inspired by him.


“The worst comments are usually the ones where people try to instigate me to react,” he said.

Jack shows his followers how to make pizzle soup.

“But that’s incredibly hard to do because I find it just as amusing.


“I have seen people do everything.


“Some have even commented that I look like a ventriloquist doll.


“The best comments are the ones where people tell me how they have incorporated many aspects of my diet/routine in their lifestyle.


“They tell me that they have found immense benefits in the same.”


Jack Henry, or ‘Butter Dawg’, as he calls himself loves his diet and enjoys incorporating all organs into it.


“My diet is considered animal-based,” he said.


“A majority of my calories come from animal foods like butter ghee or tallow, meats, dairy and honey.


“I also supplement with sweet potatoes and white rice occasionally before workouts.


“I started eating like this around a year ago when I became a strict carnivore.


“As a college rower, this did not last longer than a month or two but I felt great so I made little tweaks like adding low toxicity foods like fruit.


“Then came along the organs- testicles, pizzle, liver and this is when I discovered the insane benefits they had on my performance.


“The reason behind this choice is the attempt at feeling the best so I can maximise the time I have.”

Jack showing how to prepare liver’.

Jack realises that the expense on his food and diet is by no means cheap but he also stresses that the benefits exceed the expenses.


“The cost breakdown of my diet is around £16-£18 a day,” he said.


“This is for grass fed regeneratively raised meats with all the organs and organic fruits.


“Yes, it is expensive but it is an investment in myself and one I am willing to make.”