By Aimee Braniff Cree


ADORABLE IMAGES of a baby orangutan stretching and using mum as a jungle gym have been captured.

One image shows the baby in a full stretch using mum as a backboard to support him.

Another short shows the baby gripping on to mum’s head with a cheeky grin on his face.

These shots were captured by director Eka Novianto Nugroho (52) from Jakarta Indonesia.

Mum and baby share a gentle embrace.

Eka captured the mother Monica and her three month old baby Barry at Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta on his Olympus OMD1-X with 300 mm f4.0.

Eka knows this was a special capture, as at this time the baby was not viewable to all guests.

“I heard that Ragunan had an Orangutan Monica from Borneo (Borneo Orangutan) who had a new baby, a boy they named Barry,” said Eka.

“The orangutan infant was always hanging off the mum and interacting with the visitors, but the most interesting thing is their expression during the photo session.

The baby cuts a rye smile while he pulls mums hair.

“The baby orangutan’s actions and expressions look human.

“When he is trying to get his mothers attention, I think it looks like they are communicating as humans do, we humans are not alone on this planet.

“It was a great moment to capture the orangutan with her baby and beautiful lighting.

“Everyone says the baby is so cute.

Baby Barry clings to mum Monica.

“This mum and baby were only occasionally shown to the visitors, not everyday.

“He is very young and not ready to be with other orangutans everyday. Sometimes males can attack other males especially when they are so small.”