By Molly Pennington

AN ABANDONED five-storey industrial building dating back to 1854 contains the remnants of a marijuana farm left to rot.

The abandoned building located in Bradford, UK, in its heyday would have been bustling with employees but one of the photographs taken recently shows hundreds of bespoke suits lay tattered and dusty in an old storage room, while another photograph shows 25 pots of dried-out soil that were once used to grow marijuana.

Images were captured by urban explorer Kyle Urbex, from Leeds, UK who said the site was originally a Worsted mill producing a high-quality wool yarn.

An old suit jacket on a table.

It was taken over in the early 1970s by Ibatex Ltd, a bespoke textile manufacturer.

Charles Bambage, the owner of Ibatex Ltd, attempted to convert the building into apartments when the company dissolved in January 2012. Despite the plans being approved, no development work has started on the building and it has now fallen into disrepair.

 “After going through huge research to find this place I was stunned once inside to see a lot of content from old computers and old suit jackets but even more to my surprise was the remnants of an old weed farm that had been left to rot,” Kyle said.

“I think the weed farm was set up by a gang once the company closed. I don’t think they were ever caught.

Old mill equipment.

“It’s always eerie finding a weed farm because you never know If you’re going to bump into somebody or if it’s still active but luckily that wasn’t the case.

 “I was also shocked to find the old offices with Mr Bambage’s name on the desk with mountains of paperwork.

“All these memories and paperwork were just left to rot when at one time they would’ve been full of life and energy.

“I got an eerie feeling as if someone was going to walk through the door to come to work but it never happened

The building has fallen into disrepair.

“I did manage to uncover some old spinning and other machinery, but the upper floors were the most surprising.

 “They were starting to collapse with only pigeons occupying the upper levels.

 “This is one I’m glad to have explored as I’ve heard it’s now fully sealed and the owner won’t be too happy about visitors.”