STUNNING images of a lioness perched upon the top of a tree surveying her kingdom like a throne for a queen have been captured


Images show the lioness enjoying the best seat with the best views against the jaw-dropping scenery of the Masai Mara, Kenya.


The lioness can be seen sitting atop an umbrella acacia thorn tree.

The lioness atop an umbrella acacia thorn tree.

Out of all cats, lions are not well-known trees climbers, instead are they reputed for lazing about underneath them.


However, lions in some areas, like Masai Mara, do climb trees. 


This has less to do with natural abilities and more to do with learned behaviours and unique local conditions.


Lions may also climb trees to escape the heat and survey the landscape for prey


These pictures were captured by wildlife photographer Siddhesh Mungekar (38) using a Sony A7R3 with Sony 200 600mm lens

“I observed this beauty seating on top of the tree,” said Siddhesh


“When you mention climbing trees, lions aren’t the first of the big African cats that come to mind.

The lioness enjoys surveying around.

“Lions are better known for lazing about under trees, especially in the heat of the day. 


“As with most rules, however, nature always throws a curveball.


”It seems unlikely that a lion would climb a tree just for the fun of it.


“Even so, when they do climb, they will only venture onto the lowest and strongest branches.”