By Molly Pennington

THIS WOMAN who could be the most unlucky you are likely to meet started healthy – but was then being brutally assaulted then misdiagnosed by medics and ended up being hit by a car while attending brain tumour treatment.

And to make matters worse, despite the terrifying chain of events unleashed by her random attacker, ignorant trolls still VICTIM BLAME her by sympathising with the man who originally assaulted her.

Content creator and actress Alli McLaren (30) from Los Angeles, USA, was brutally punched in the face in an unprovoked attack in October 2021.  She then underwent treatment for a broken jaw that led to the discovery of a brain tumour, and, as if she had not been through enough, Alli was hit by a car when attending radiation treatment for it.

Alli’s tragic luck first struck when was walking in Downtown LA and a homeless man ran over to her and assaulted her in an unprovoked attack. The force of his blow smashed the phone that Alli had been holding to her right ear and left her with a broken jaw.

However, doctors failed to detect the break for several months, dismissing Alli when she presented at West Hollywood urgent care and telling her that she “looked fine”.

Alli after her operation.

It was only when Alli’s teeth started to break randomly when she was driving that a dentist performed an x-ray and found she had broken her jaw.

Medics attempted to fix Alli’s jaw by wiring it, but the operation was unsuccessful. Alli was again left for two-months before another oral surgeon corrected the break surgically.

During the aftermath of the operation, Alli caught an infection and collapsed at home. She suffered a traumatic brain injury that caused her to suffer from seizures.

She was treated, but two months later she began experiencing seizures again, vomiting, she suffered mood changes, unexplained anger and confusion.

Alli was shocked to discover that further scans revealed that she had a non-cancerous Giant Cell Brain Tumour that had to be removed through surgery and radiation.

Then, to further compound her miserable fortune, while she was walking to her radiation treatment she was struck by a passing car and ended up with one broken left foot and one fractured right foot.

Ignorant trolls have hinted that Alli should be grateful for the homeless man who set off the sequence of events that led to the detection of her brain tumour.

One comment on one of Alli’s TikTok videos that said, “Okay but the homeless guy kinda saved your life??” got over 40 THOUSAND likes.

However, Alli dismisses these comments.

Alli with a bandage on her head after her surgery.

“I don’t agree,” she said.

“Although it would be a great story for the homeless man, the only thing he’s done for me is cause me a lot of stress and medical bills.

“At the time of the incident, it was my last day of work at that current job and I was so in shock.

“I had no prior interaction with him.

“He walked across the road and I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He ran straight up to me and punched me.

“He punched through my phone, which broke from the impact, and I fell over.

“It all happened in about two seconds.

“The timing of everything doesn’t work for him to have helped me discover the tumour, as it wasn’t there when I was originally hit.

“Although the cause for this type of tumour is unknown, a possible explanation I’ve been given is that it may be the result of head trauma, so he may have even caused it.”

Alli has also experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder from the attack.

“I have really struggled to be honest. I’ve had both really bad depression and anxiety,” Alli said.

“I also get really uncomfortable walking near people on the street because I don’t trust anyone.

“I got demoted from my job because I had to work from home so much and I ended up leaving after that, so financially it’s been a strain.

“I have nowhere near as many friends as I used to. I stopped responding to messages and stopped showing up at places. A lot of the time I’m super tired and just have no energy.

“I used to be super social and now I just have a hard time leaving my house.

Alli resting.

“I’ve also suffered from severe mood changes and anger issues since the brain injury. It altered the way I think and look at problems.

“This has also made it hard to be in a social setting because I don’t trust myself to not get angry or worked up.”

Despite everything Alli has been through, including the routine failure of medical professionals to give her the treatment she needed and deserved, she has tried to remain positive.

She is still undergoing treatment for her brain tumour and her broken and fractured feet with the support of her closest family and friends, who she says are “tolerant” of her behaviour changes.

“I think I stay strong by knowing it can’t be like this forever and also knowing that one day I’m going to wake up and I won’t be in pain anymore,” she said.

“I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

“I am hoping to maybe one day write a book about it and keep using my platform to talk about my chaotic life.

“My message to someone going through something similar is I take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone and there is someone else in the world that’s going through something like me, no matter where they are.

“Also, we’re special because we’re stronger than we need to be and will have a story to tell for the rest of our lives.

“We don’t choose our lives and what happens to us, but we do choose how to take what happens to us and make it into something beautiful.”