By Freya Coombes

THESE COMICAL images show pelicans fighting over tiny fish which they toss into the air in their frenzy to feed.

Their beaks form big scoops.

Dalmatian pelicans are an endangered species, with around 20,000 still alive. They are the largest member of the pelican family and one of the largest freshwater birds, reaching up to six feet in length, with a wing span of 11.6 feet and weigh around 25 pounds.

These images were taken by British photographer Peter Bradley at Lake Kirkini in Greece.

“It was a very early wake up in order to see the pelican a sunrise,” said Peter.

A fish escapes as pelicans fight.

“I was waiting for quite some time as they came over to our side of the lake not knowing whether they would decide to join up.

“I lay on the ground often being swished by the water.

These pelicans bite each other as they attempt to grab a fish.

“The pelicans were extremely inquisitive and came within centimetres of me.

“They provide a comic view of the different characters and behaviours of each of pelican. They become individuals rather than an indistinct group.”