Arriving at your apartment is always a tedious yet eventful process, especially if it is your first time moving out. Although you finally have a place to stay, you now have to worry about how to allocate your budget, how to negotiate rent, plan for meals, and figure out how to live alone. One of the biggest challenges tenants face, especially at the initial stages, is setting up their apartment space to feel like home. After all, having a place conducive to comfort, relaxation, and safety is an essential component of our day-to-day lives. With that said, here are some things you can do to make your apartment feel like home.


Thoroughly clean your area


It is generally a good idea to start with a thorough clean of your newly acquired apartment space. Cleaning provides you with a sense of having a “fresh start” by clearing out all the things that the previous tenants have left. This is crucial in removing the commercial nature of the area and making it feel like it is your own. Even if your apartment is newly built, cleaning gives you a sense of accomplishment as you effectively create a blank canvas for all the plans you have moving forward.


Customize the paint or wallpaper


Changing the paint or wallpaper is a good way to add a personal touch to your apartment space. This is perhaps the simplest method to make your room unique and not as bland as the others in your apartment complex. It is also a great way to work with a particular theme or design concept on how you want your room to look. If you do not have the luxury of time and resources to fully repaint your walls, consider installing different wallpapers instead. This effectively gives you the same benefit without having to deal with the hassles of painting. However, before you start painting or tearing wallpapers, do check with your landlord if you are allowed to do so. Different apartments have their policies regarding customization, and it is best to consult first to avoid having issues with your agreements in the future.


Get some real furniture


Real furniture adds a level of customization that is typically only found on houses. Things like a wooden coffee table, a comfortable couch, a leather chair, and artistic mugs could really make your space feel less commercial and more personal. Do not restrict yourself to the idea that you are only “renting” and that you should live with plastic silverware or hard benches. Get some nicer things. After all, you can always bring these items with you if you ever decide to move out again.


Set up lighting


Especially with cheap offers, apartments usually skimp on proper and ample lighting. It is a commonplace to find only a handful of lights around the room which are simply not enough to be aesthetically pleasing or functioning. Lighting can affect the mood of a place or area drastically. Bright and defined lighting makes a room feel more productive and more conducive for work or study. In contrast, faint and subtle lights could make a room feel drowsy and relaxing. Knowing the different methods of properly setting up lighting in your apartment space could do wonders for how your place looks and feels.


Display sentimental items


Being away from home does not necessarily mean that you should be completely separated from your family and your memories with them. When moving out, consider bringing an item with sentimental value, such as a vase, a picture frame, or any other piece of furniture. When living out alone, it is extremely easy to feel homesick, and these things help massively keep you company and sane.