By Aimee Braniff Cree


INCREDIBLE images of a great white shark named Nelson stalking a lure just under the ocean’s surface have been captured.

One image from Guadalupe Island, Mexico shows the shark with its jaw open displaying its many sharp teeth chasing a lure through the water.

Another stirring photo shows the sharks strength as it thrashes through the water in pursuit of the lure creating bubbles and waves all around.

The shark chases the lure. GUADALUPE ISLANDS, MEXICO.

These death defying images were captured by Euan Rannachan known as euanart on Instagram,(36),a filmmaker and photographer with

Euan spends much of his time diving with the Be A Shark Team off Guadalupe Island in Mexico, about 120 miles off the coast of Baja.

“In this series of photos and video you can see a shark named Nelson making his way straight up towards me and at the last second ducking down under the surface of the water,” said Euan.

“This shows off Nelson doing the jaws pose for me.

The shark breaching the surface. GUADALUPE ISLANDS, MEXICO.

“The island is a migration path of a lot of different kinds of seals. With the very deep sides the island is the perfect place for the sharks to do their vertical attacks.

“It was a typical day in the cage. This day happened to be saturated with sharks and we had lots of fish to check out.

“Nelson is a great white shark and they have extra senses than us. They can even feel our heartbeats in the cage.

“They can feel electrical impulses through the water from quite a ways away. However, I was very close, under ten feet from Nelson.

Nelson is a massive shark. GUADALUPE ISLANDS, MEXICO.

“I love photographing sharks because it’s different each time. Some days that’s because of the sharks around and other days it’s because of the condition of the water we are shooting in.

 “I think about the same thing each time something exciting happens around the cage. I hope I got whatever happened in focus, and I pray none of my cameras are full or out of battery.”