By: Jesse C 


Email marketing is one of the many tools in a marketer’s toolbox. However, to use email marketing effectively, you need to know what you’re doing, you have to be able to do it consistently, and not break the law. That’s where an email marketing agency comes in. They’re able to handle the marketing side of things, leaving you to be able to run your company.

1 Your company will get a dedicated team

If you have to worry about both marketing and running your business, something might “slip through the cracks.” On the other hand, hiring a marketing agency allows you to put the budget that you’d spend on advertising, interviewing, and training a position and purchasing software into actually marketing your business without the additional expense(s). The agency can give your company advice, go over its goals, inform you what’s realistic, and handle all the details. 

2 Your company will save time and money 

Email marketer agencies will have the tools in place to do email blasts, deal with opt-in and “remove from” list saving you the output in costs. If the email marketing agency you’re talking to doesn’t have such tools in place, you need to find another company that does! What types of tools do email marketers use? Services like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, Salesforce Pardot, among others. While some services have a free or low-cost option, the costs of such systems can quickly add up. As time goes on, there may be more or different tools needed, which will be covered by the email marketing agency. With many of these services, there’s a learning curve, too. And to hire an in-house expert to deal with these types of systems doesn’t come cheap. Since the email marketing agency has the experts there, that’s one less expense for you to worry about. 

3 Your company will be more credible

Everyone needs a personal brand. This is especially true of company leaders. With a marketing agency’s guidance, you may be get published as a guest blogger for popular industry publications, appear in public for company promotions, be the keynote speaker for conferences, organize and attend workshops, and making marketing videos for your company’s target market for the website, YouTube and social media channels. The email marketing agency can showcase these events and updates to the company’s website and social media presence via email. When your customers know what the company is doing and why, they’re more inclined to become more devoted to your brand. 

4 Your company has experts 

with different opinions at their disposal 

An email marketing agency knows which audiences to target with which emails. What this means in plain English is they know what types of email campaigns are most effective, what percent of the emails they send out will be opened, and what the clickthrough rate will generally be. They know how to create long-term connections with audiences and how to keep them engaged in your business through email.


Email marketing agencies are happy to provide advice on your campaigns when needed. They have your best interests in mind and won’t mislead or lie to you, as your success motivates them to perform well.

5 Your company can track its results

By hiring an email marketing agency, you’re able to track the results of your ad campaigns by following open and click through rates. That way you know your marketing efforts are on track, need adjusting, or are completely off the mark. Using these results your company can see the return on investment (ROI) it gets for using the agency’s services.  

6 You get access to the latest and greatest trends 

The best email marketing agencies out there keep a “pulse” on the industries and markets that they’re serving. They’re able to determine how the market’s changed over time and suggest new and exciting ways of attracting the customer’s attention to get them to not only open company-related emails, but to act on the offers inside as well. Maybe you need to shift the focus of the emails. Perhaps your new product or service should be offered prominently in the email’s subject. You won’t know unless you hire an email marketing agency.  

7 Your company can easily scale the campaign 

When working with an email marketing agency, they should be able to accommodate your company’s demands and progress. As your business grows, they’re able to scale things up for you. This would be quite a bit more difficult if you had to do that for your own business. As your company’s objectives and campaigns develop, an email marketing agency may add the proper personnel and measures.


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