Laser excited phosphor (LEP) is a new technology in the world of flashlights that is taking the market by storm. This type of flashlight has taken the flashlight limitation to the next level.

These flashlights give you a better range of light compared to any LED or traditional lights. Some can throw light up to 3.167 kilometers, which is about 1.97 miles.

Isn’t that amazing?

LEPs are not only limited to flashlights, the technology has already become popular in applications such as automotive and projection display devices.

The strong beam it produces and the long range it can cover make LEP lights perfect during tactical situations. But remember, not all LEP flashlights are made the same. Some brands promise too much but deliver less.

In this post, we give you all the information you need to know about LEP flashlights. We also talk about the world’s first LEP weapon light for concealed carry.

What is an LEP flashlight?

LEP stands for Laser Excited Phosphor, which is a process of emitting a blue laser through a focused lens. When the laser hits the phosphor element backed by a metal substrate, it reflects back a broad-spectrum light.

In an LEP flashlight, the white light is directed out via a series of lenses resulting in a telltale bright white and long-reaching light. Unlike the average LED flashlight, the LEP flashlight has an extremely tight hotspot that stays really small even at a longer distance.

LEP vs. LED – Which is Better?

Both LED and LEP flashlights are good in their own way because they both serve different needs. If you need a flashlight that can illuminate long-distance during hunting, search, or rescue LEP flashlight is your go-to option. Whereas LED flashlights are best for daily use, hiking, camping, and tactical use.

Though LEPs are mostly used for special tasks, they can sometimes still be handy for regular use. For example, if you’re hiking at night, you can spot wild animals from a distance away with a hotspot beam light.

Having said that, LEP lights are ideal for specific tasks such as long-distance spotting while LED lights are better all-rounders.

Can I Use LEP Flashlights For Tactical and EDC?

It depends! Let’s say you reach your campsite at night, setting up a camp using an LEP flashlight can be time-consuming and difficult at the same time. Why? Because this type of flashlight has a tight beam focus and could not light up a wider area.

On the other hand, if you’re planning a night wildlife spotting or hunting, LEP could be a sensible option. The tighter beam can help you spot targets at longer ranges.

This flashlight can also be used for emergencies such as sending signals, self-defense, or repairing a car breakdown and home power main switch.

It can emit light intense enough to discourage an attacker, disorient them optically, or be employed as a blunt force self-defense weapon.

In most situations, you can use an LEP flashlight as a tactical light because it is constructed of a higher grade of aluminum and is more durable. They are also smaller and easier to carry than standard flashlights.

For everyday use, a regular LED flashlight could be a better option than LEP because it covers a wider area.

Can You Use LEP Flashlight as Weapon Light

Tactical LED flashlights are commonly used as weapon lights because they last longer, have better beam throw, and produce enough lumen. But can you use an LEP flashlight as a weapon light?

Yes, LEP lights can be used as a weapon light. But wait, the mission at hand also determines if you want to use LEP or LED. During tactical situations where you need to spot your target at a long distance, LEP is your best friend but for regular patrolling and general use, quality LED light could be a better option.

Further, if blinding light is your objective, the LEP flashlight will have to be dead set on the assailant’s eyes.

So, what makes LEP flashlights usable on weapons? To understand that, you must understand the 3 factors that make a good weapon light.

  1. Flashlight Size and Weight – A weapon flashlight has to be small and adjustable so that it can fit in with the weapon. Most LEP flashlights like “ Valkyrie Turbo LEP Lighting Tactical Light” are small, low-weight and perfectly fit into most weapons.
  2. Lumen – The light throws of a weapon light should be at least 500 lumens or more if possible.
  3. Mounting Option – The last and the most important factor is the mounting option. Be it LED or LEP if it doesn’t have a mounting option it can’t be used on the weapon.

If a flashlight has these 3 features mentioned above, it can be used as a weapon light.

Is LEP Flashlight Dangerous?

Yes, only if you point it directly to someone’s eyes. LEP’s light travels in a tight hotspot and this strong beam can cause retinal damage. Other than that, LEP flashlights are not dangerous.

There are a few things you should keep in mind while buying and using LEP Flashlight.

  • Some states in the US and some countries around the world don’t allow the use of LEP flashlights. Some might give you the permission but with exceptions. So, make sure you follow the local laws and regulations while buying and using.
  • Before you buy an LEP light make sure to know why you are buying it. LEP flashlights are not only costly but it is also a non-civilian product. Military personnel and police will be able to make the purchase with ease but for civilians, you might want to have a good reason why you need it.
  • Most shops and online stores in some countries will ask you to verify your age because an LEP flashlight user should be over the age of 18.
  • Once you have the LEP flashlight in hand, avoid aiming the light at mirrors, glass, or other reflective material. Why? Because the reflective light can reach your eyes or other person’s eyes and damage the retina.
  • Don’t aim at aircraft and other operation vehicles as it could lead to accidents.
  • Lastly, if you have kids at home, don’t allow them to use the light. And keep it as far as possible from children.

NEW Valkyrie Turbo Tactical Light – The Best LEP Flashlight in the Market

OLight Valkyrie Turbo is a world-first LEP WML light that is FDA approved for concealed carry. As we talked about earlier, size, lumen, and mounting options are the three things that a weapon light should have.

Valkyrie Tubro is compact and lightweight, it can throw the spotlight up to 530 meters and lastly, it can be mounted in Glock, Sig Sauer, Walther, and many other weapons.

Talking about the battery life, this LEP flashlight is powered by 2*CR123A batteries that can run up to 184 minutes.

Should You Buy an LEP Flashlight?

If you’re looking for a unique beam that can illuminate long distances, you should get an LEP flashlight. For regular use, a normal LED light could be a better option.

LEP flashlights are not intended to be for general use because of the lack of broad throw. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy an LEP flashlight.

If you’re looking to expand an existing collection of flashlights, the LEP light is one must-have flashlight in your collection.