If you’ve ever experienced upper or lower back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Back pain can be anything from a dull ache that comes and goes to a sharp pain that radiates down the spine and into other parts of the body. This can take a toll on your health and your comfort after long periods of time. 

There are many factors that contribute to back pain. For instance, poor posture, injury or physical trauma, spinal conditions, and poor support while sitting for prolonged periods throughout the day. It’s critical to find ways to relieve back pain and support your posture. One of the best ways to do this is with lumbar support. 

This guide breaks down how to choose the best back support lumbar pillow, what factors to consider, and who can use it. Read on to learn more!

Who Needs Lumbar Support?

Lumbar support is a powerful tool for relieving back discomfort and pain. But, who needs lumbar support and who can use it? The short answer is, anyone! Anyone can use lumbar support to relieve back pain and support posture. It’s a powerful tool to help you stay comfortable and feeling good all day long.

If you have back pain or want to prevent back pain from occurring, you can use lumbar support. There are many causes of back pain, whether you’re experiencing lower, middle, or upper back pain. Pregnancy, injury, osteoporosis or a bone density condition, strain, ruptured disks, or arthritis can all cause back pain. It’s critical to see a medical care professional if you experience any of these conditions. However, a lumbar support pillow may come in handy with additional treatment.

You can also use lumbar support if you tend to sit all day. For instance, if you work at a desk, drive for a living, or sit as a student, you may want to consider lumbar support for your back. Whether you’re older, young, have struggled with back pain before or simply want to prevent it, our lumbar support pillow is for you! 

Tips for Choosing the Best Lumbar Support 

When it comes to choosing the best lumbar support, not every product is made equal. Depending on a few factors, one design may be more effective than another. It’s also important to factor in things like cost and your budget when choosing. 

Here are the most important qualities to look for to find the best lumbar support option. 

Design is Everything

Design is one of the most important things to consider. The biggest difference between a high quality lumbar support pillow and a low quality pillow that won’t make a difference in your comfort is how they were designed. 

Some pillows are flat, don’t offer support, and aren’t designed with the human back in mind. However, a high quality pillow is designed with the back in mind. For instance, our pillow is ergonomically designed with a Doctor recommended orthopedic structure. This means that not only is the pillow made for the human back, but a physician recommended a specific orthopedic structure to help support the spine and back muscles.  

Materials Matter

Another important factor to consider when exploring lumbar support pillows is what it’s made out of. A product can have the perfect design and idea behind it, but unless it’s made with the right materials, it won’t provide the relief you need. 

Look for memory foam, gel, or a similar material when exploring your options for lumbar support. It’s also important to find high quality materials that are durable. When you bring your pillow to the office, on road trips, and back home, it’s important to have materials that can keep up.

Comfort and Relief

Lastly, you want to make sure the lumbar support pillow you choose is specifically geared toward comfort and relief. You may come across pillows that claim to only support posture or prevent pain, but finding ones that actively relieve discomfort and pain can be a big difference. 

Your Best Friend in Lumbar Support

Our best back support lumbar pillow is your best friend when it comes to comfort and relief. With 100%, high quality memory foam materials, an ergonomic, orthopedic recommended design, and effective pain relief and comfort, this is your go to for lumbar support.

It’s perfect for your desk chair, driver’s seat, kitchen table, or any other place you sit in for prolonged periods of time. Enjoy lightweight, effective, memory foam based relief in minutes.