The bedroom of your home has been given that name for a reason; the bed that you sleep on every night is the focal point of that space. 

Speaking of space, the spaces we typically use for storage in bedrooms are closets, dresser drawers, and bookshelves. 

But what if you could make better use of that untapped area under your bed to keep your belongings out of your way throughout the day? 

We can all come up with a whole heap of smaller items that we only use every now and then and really don’t need to have within our immediate reach.

Why push bulky boxes under your bed for your possessions to get dusty? Make the most of that location underneath where you sleep with Everlasting Comfort under-bed storage bags.  

1. Storage for seasonal clothing

Your swimming trunks, swimsuits, sundresses, and short sleeve polo shirts take up way too much space during the winter, and your wool sweaters and scarfs are of no use in the summer. Instead of hogging up all of that closet space and dresser drawer room with apparel that will be clearly out of season for several months, put these garments in under-bed storage bags. 

The same can be said for thick corduroy pants and warm quilts that are just completely unnecessary during June, July, and August. Tuck them away for when the temperature drops and keep your weather-worthy wearables within arm’s reach. 

2. Make room for children’s toys

Keeping a kid’s bedroom tidy is a full-time job within itself, one that children aren’t always willing to do without being told. As your son or daughter continue collecting dolls and toy cars, the square footage in their comfort zone will become occupied.

In order to keep your offspring’s room in order, fill up under-bed storage bags with the outdated toys that are losing popularity with your young ones. They will feel at ease knowing that their more nostalgic playthings haven’t been thrown in the garbage and are nearby whenever they need them. 

3. Hefty capacity

Everlasting Comfort provides customers with three under-bed storage containers, two 75L capacity bags, and one 22.5L bag. The bigger under-bed storage bins work well with bigger items like coats and bedding pieces. The reduced-size bag is ideal for fashion accessories and tiny toys. 

Having the space divided among separate bags makes it easier to fit them all under the bed separately in different areas if you so choose. You don’t have to worry about having to cram some gigantic bag into an incredibly tight squeeze. 

4. Strong durability

Whether you fill up your under-bed storage bag with leather boots or heavy utilities, these containers are built to withstand breaking, tearing, and fraying. The two-way zippers that you tug on are robust, and the handles that you pull on are reinforced with non-woven fabric.  

Being that you are storing these bags under your bed, you will be able to drag them out easily thanks to the pair of handles on both the back and front, as well as one handle on each side. The stitching is durable enough that you won’t have to worry about them ripping when you yank out the bag to get your blankets.

5. See what is inside

One of the biggest problems with storage containers is that once they are sealed, you have no idea what you actually stored inside of them six months ago. With the under-bed storage bags by Everlasting Comfort, that critical aggravation has been corrected by specifically putting see-through windows on both the tops and sides of the bags. 

Now you will have no problem remembering what you have waiting for you in your storage bags because you will be able to see for yourself without even having to open them. 

6. Nothing to assemble

These bags won’t turn into an all-afternoon project that requires a tool kit and reading instructions that are more complicated than helpful. Your under-bed storage bags come already assembled and can be opened and filled immediately.

7. Remains flat when not in use

These under-bed storage bags are compact and light enough that they will fold flat when they are waiting to be used. This saves you even more space when you are traveling or living in a small apartment. 

Now that you have an understanding of the various benefits of under-bed storage bags from Everlasting Comfort, they can help you get a good night’s sleep without feeling like you are an unwelcomed guest in your own cluttered bedroom.