Danni Hamilton (24), a student from Edinburgh, Scotland was introduced to the kink scene two years ago by her best friend.

Fascinated by age-play, she reached out to her counsellor, and asked if age regression could be used as a form of therapy from her troubled childhood.

Her therapist gave her the green light, and Danni began to experiment by playing with baby toys.


She doesn’t live the baby lifestyle full time, and still maintains her adult life as a student, regressing into her baby persona as a way to relax.

Her baby persona is aged between one to five years old and is very cheeky and clingy.

Danni says that the lifestyle can get costly but she luckily has many friends in the lifestyle, some of whom sell specific age-play related toys and clothes, with Danni modelling onesies for a friend in the scene.


However, she receives a lot of backlash online and trolls call her ‘broken,’ ‘weird,’ or even accuse her of being a paedophile.

Danni manages to ignore those comments most of the time, as she knows that she is a consenting adult – and living the adult baby lifestyle makes her happy.

“My best friend was into kink. I saw a lot of things related to age-play, and I talked to a counsellor to ask if age regression can be used as therapy – she said yes,” said Danni.


“I’ve always loved baby toys and I’ve never grown out of them like other people do.

“My favourite part is letting go and feeling like I have no responsibilities. I had a rough childhood, and this helps to forget about it and relax.

“Playing is fun – even people not in the lifestyle love some of the things they did as a child. It’s why the term nostalgia exists.


“I don’t live the lifestyle full time, so I can go around as an adult when I need to. In baby mode, I’m very cheeky and playful. If I have a partner, I’ll act very much like a toddler.

“It can be costly, but not always. You can sometimes buy real baby products, but you have to be careful, because real baby stuff can be a bit pricey. I’m lucky to have so many friends in the community – and one has her own store.”

Despite the backlash, age-play makes Danni happy – and she points out that no harm is being caused by her using the baby lifestyle as a coping mechanism.


“Most of the time, I get positive comments, with people saying they’re proud that I can express myself,” said Danni.

“I do still get negative comments – I’ve been called ‘weird’, ‘broken goods’, and even a paedophile.

“I just ignore them. I know that I’m a consenting adult. I know what paedophiles are, and I know that I’m not one.


“I’m an adult trying to regress. I have every right to do what I want as long as it’s safe, consenting, and with other adults.

“This lifestyle means happiness to me. I feel happy in a space filled with baby toys and brightly coloured objects.”