Camping is one of the most loved activities in Australia – an essential part of life down under. But, there is nothing worse than going camping unprepared or halfway through your journey to the camping spot realizing that you have forgotten something important at home. So, what is on your list for your trip away? Here are some of our top recommendations! 


Tent or camping swag

Swags and tents are sometimes used interchangeably, but in reality, they are not. While swags are more compact sleeping units, tents are often much bigger. Some tents can offer space for up to 10, whereas camping swags are either for one or two people. If you’re looking to revamp your camping gear – or are buying for the first time – you may initially be overwhelmed at the array of options.

It is wise to spend time researching the best sleeping solutions for you and your camping crew. As the various swags and tents differ based on their comfort, mattress support, and price, give yourself time to take a look at some of the best camping tents available to order online. You will want a sleeping set-up that will work for you long-term, so consider carefully and always keep the future in mind! 


Self-inflating mattress

If you’ve invested in a high-quality tent, why compromise your sleep by spending the night on the hard ground on a thin roll-up mattress? The inflatable mattress you purchase will last years and it also means that no matter which of these favorite camping spots you end up visiting, you will be assured that you’re going to sleep comfortably and get a good night’s rest. Camping is for the rough and tough, but it can also be done in style. Kit your swag tent out with a homely inflatable and enjoy your view under the stars! 


Contained fire pit

Tragically, wildfires during the ‘bushfire season’ continue to increase, creating an urgent need for humans to take precautions. In extremely dry and hot conditions, starting open fires at your campsite can be extremely concerning. To be safe, experts recommend a self-contained portable fire pit for you to take along with you! This allows you to feel more at ease when you start your fire for the evening, helping you and fellow campers to be safer and travel without fear. 


Camping chairs

Is it possible to go camping without comfortable chairs? For some, it may be, but we couldn’t imagine anything like it! Chairs are so versatile – they can be used in between checking your meats and veg on your fire pit grill, while having a drink at sunset, reading a book with coffee in the early morning, or even staying off the ground if you’re chatting around the fire at night. 



If you’re camping – without light or electricity – a headlight is crucial. Strapped onto your head to keep your hands free, a headlight also offers security and safety. If you’re cooking over the fire, this light is perfect for keeping an eye on your food. It can also help if you’re arriving after dark and still need to set up your tent. Headlights will always come in handy, so it could even be useful to buy a second pair for your mate. And don’t forget about spare batteries!


GPS with solar charge

Have you ever been concerned that you won’t find your way to a campsite? Alternatively, you may worry if you wander too far on a morning excursion that you won’t be able to track yourself back to your camping spot. Fear not, a solar-powered tracking device makes the list!

Charged by solar to ensure there is sufficient power to guide you, GPS units are a camping essential for anyone going off the beaten path. It also means that you’ll likely explore even more, as you’ll feel more comfortable taking a wander in an intriguing direction. Enjoy all the health benefits that being in nature offers and explore knowing you can return home easily. 


Be prepared!

Of course, you can get away without having some of these on your trip, but why would you want to deprive yourself of comfort when you’re in the bush? The above mentioned are items that once tried, you won’t be able to live without. And yes, there are many more pieces of gear that can make camping more enjoyable for you and your crew.

Investing in some essential pieces will assure you are never caught off guard! And this is off the record, but we’re sure you’ll receive plenty more invites on camping trips or weekends away if your friends or family know you’re well-kitted out. Who doesn’t love an experienced camping buddy who can take the lead during a camping excursion?