Similar to moving house, office fit-out is also the most stressful thing you can do. A new office fit-out has the potential to speak volumes for your brand. It raises employee satisfaction and offers your prospects and clients an arresting experience. However, the initial foresight doesn’t always go to plan with many business owners. As a company, you’re left to pick up the pieces of their ineffective planning. A new office fit-out is a big decision and can sometimes be challenging. As a business, you want to consider what will work best for your company without rushing through everything. If you’re considering redesigning your office, here’s what you need to follow.




Work with the Right Partner

Office redesigning requires working with the best professional fit for the job. Make arrangements to meet with them to find out if you feel comfortable with their style. Based on the team’s insights at, you want to visit their premises to assess their work quality. Additionally, you want to look into their reputation within the industry and ask to see their past works. Check if they have experience within your sector and can understand how your business works. By doing this, you’ll instinctively know whether you can work with someone. This also helps narrow down your search to get the best partner.


Ensure the Design Reflects Your Brand

You need to ensure your office space aligns with your brand. As a business, your brand and logo are how you’re identified – this makes the office space uniquely yours. If you’re not a fan of branding, it can still be done in a professional and unique-looking way. For example, you can consider having your company colors used on a feature wall. Also, your employees seeing visual elements of branding consistently helps build team culture. It also helps remind them of what they’re working towards. Again, you need to work with the right company to achieve a reflective space of your brand.


Ergonomics Matter Too!

Ergonomics is the study of how a person can be more productive while performing duties in the workplace. To make your workplace ergonomic, you need to set up desks, chairs, and computers efficiently. They need to mold with the body’s build and natural movements. First, consider buying desks and chairs which support your feet and arms. Next, you want to position the keyboard and mouse close to the front of the desk. Finally, ensure the computer screen is at eye level. Choose a company that specializes in creating ergonomic friendly offices’. This ensures you and your team are comfortable and productive.




It can be tempting to add more creative elements to your office branding. While it’s excellent creating an ideal environment for your employees, you need to ask yourself, is a slide worth it? The truth is, NO. While companies like Google take office design seriously, you need to consider the practicality and budget. Remember: creating a space where employees feel comfortable is essential. This means keeping noisy or loud elements to a minimum is crucial. If not addressed, such factors can reduce productivity by acting as a distracting environment. Ensure your office is aligned to the business’s needs: You need to plan and not just follow trends.


Not Making Room for Collaboration

If there’s no room for collaborative office space, the chances of your business developing rapidly are minimal. Augmenting the very area where ideas come together is a vital business practice you cannot afford to ignore. Creating an all-around office culture is essential to the quality of work produced by your team. This is why you need to eliminate those walls and refine your internal communication with an open office layout. This leads to innovation, creativity, and sharing of resources. If you want to curb office disruptions, you can establish some creative ways to divide your space to provide privacy.


Insufficient Lighting and Airflow

Adequate lighting is the best way to increase productivity and attract your clients and customers. Poor lighting and insufficient airflow to the brain affect your team’s productivity and performance. Enhance the growth of ideas and innovation with adequate air and natural light. You can achieve this by centralizing your use of windows throughout your office space. Additionally, this also helps cut down your energy bills.

Ensure you consider how your new office fit-out will be in 5-10-years’ time. Redesigning your office is about doing what works for your brand and not what other offices are doing. It’s in your best interest to choose the right company to work on your new branding – this can make or break everything. Finally, ensure you create a space catering to your needs as well as those of your employees. Over to you!