Container transport is a popular way of transporting goods overseas. When you are moving abroad, there are high chances that the moving company will use a moving container service to ship your valuable belongings. The standardized containers are a very sturdy and very effective mode of transportation. They are very user friendly, a core reason why they have been accepted as a feasible way of transport for local moves as well.

Yes, looking for moving containers is the first thing that most moving service clients do as soon as they start planning their move. Much more independent than the traditional moving services, moving containers are a new choice of moving goods in modern times. 


Moving containers, everyone wants it:

If you do not want to use a full-service moving company, hiring a moving container is your choice. One of the primary reasons why moving containers have gained popularity is their affordability. Portable moving containers are a cheaper option than engaging full-fledged moving services. Moreover, portable moving containers can also be used as storage units, a much in demand option that the majority of moving service clients demand during long and short distance moves. When paired with a professional transport company such as APlessas Transport, you can get a service which is unique to your personal requirements.

There are several reasons why choosing a moving container is the better option. In this post, we have made a list of key factors that one must know while hiring a moving container service:



One of the primary factors that one must check while renting a moving container is Cleanliness. Especially in the time of the pandemic, cleanliness and sanitation are of utmost importance. Make sure that the moving container is thoroughly washed and scrubbed with antibacterial solutions before they are handed over to the customers. It is a great practice to ask the moving supplier about the cleaning procedure they follow. The supplier should be very considerate about the container’s cleaning as it carries the belongings of different people, increasing the chances of infections.


Method of loading and unloading

Moving containers come enabled with two types of loading and unloading mechanisms- level lift system and tilt system. It is important to know about each system in detail and pick the right container type. 

  • Level lift system:

Also known as the Tilt free delivery system, the level lift loading and unloading system are considered to be the best. The entire container is lifted during the loading and unloading process. Because it does not use the tilt system, there are no chances of damage to the belongings and property.

  • Tilt system or roll-off truck:

This is a common type of lifting system but it has its risks. The entire container bed is tilted to load and unload all the belongings. This can also cause damage to the property as when the belongings hit the surface, gravity pull makes the thud stronger.


Emergency release exit provision:

Moving container emergencies do happen. Most of the time, it is a case of a man locking inside the moving container. If such an incident happens the moving container must havean interior safety release to allow the person inside to open the container door and come out. 

The emergency open cord allows the container to be opened from the inside. Being locked inside the container can be a serious incident that can have adverse effects on children and even adults. The emergency release exit option allows the person inside to get a rescue.


Rate structure:

Most commonly, the moving container company demands a monthly fee or a 4 week rental from the customers. However, it is best to hire a container company that offers a daily rate. This way you do not have to pay for the entire month if you keep the container for a shorter period. Companies that follow the daily rate system may ask for a minimum of seven days rental option. You must compare the rates of different companies and choose the best price. Choosing daily rates ensures that you are not paying for any extra days but only for the time you have the container with you.


Climate controlled feature:

Many moving container customers use the containers as storage units. It is an added advantage of choosing a moving container over conventional moving services. However, if you intend to utilize the moving container for storage, make sure that it has a climate-controlled feature. 

The climate control feature ensures that the indoor temperature of the container is maintained between 50 degrees and 80 degrees F which is the apt temperature for safe storage of items. Such containers also maintain humidity levels which is another important aspect for the safe storage of different types of items.

Choosing a moving container for the moving project is the right decision only when you make a deal with the right moving company. Make sure you investigate the service provider as well as the above-mentioned aspects and ensure safe transport using moving containers.