By Alexander Greensmith


THIS DOG and puppet don’t quite see eye to eye in this hilarious skit.

Footage revealed a female one-year-old English bulldog puppy called Lola, as it pounced on a puppet called Clem whilst he tried to film a video.

The punched-in puppet came close to swearing ‘Holy ****’ but is cut off just as the funny family-friendly clip ends.

You can follow Lola and Clem’s adventures on Instagram @loladog001. mediadrumimages/ScottChalle/@loladog001

The two pretend to present their own show to their Instagram followers, but the dog keeps interrupting with licks, growls, punches and kicks. The clip was filmed to shout out a family friend.

The laptop-recorded footage starring Lola and her toy fiend was shot and performed by puppeteer Scott Challe (32) from Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

“We just started doing some silly videos this year during lockdown just to be dumb,” said Scott.

Lola has been enjoying the company of her puppet pal during lockdown. mediadrumimages/ScottChalle/@loladog001

“Turns out she loves playing with Clem, most days anyway. Occasionally she tries to love him a little too much.

“Creating these videos [with the puppet] are just another way for me to spend time with my best buddy she’s not always up for a run in the park.

“It’s fun for Clem and Lola when they hear people giggle while watching one of their clips.

“It is simple inoffensive humour spreading laughter to all.”