By Liana Jacob


MEET THE bodacious BARBIE who has splashed out more than £50K on plastic surgery partly thanks to her previous boyfriends who have funded her procedures and now claims she has a ‘LONG LINE OF MEN’ that want to DATE her.

Beauty therapist and published Playboy model, Paulina J. Candy (24), who currently lives in London, UK, was just a teenager when she was first attracted to sculpting her body like Barbie. She first booked an appointment for a boob job at 16, for when she turned 18.

In 2013, she had a boob job which was her first surgery and she has since had two more breast enhancements that increased her boobs from a B-cup to a J-cup. She has also had bum implants and a nose job. She has spent over £50K on surgery, which were encouraged by her previous boyfriends who wanted her boobs bigger and funded them for her.

Paulina pictured after her surgeries including three boob jobs (2). MDWfeatures / @paulinajcandy

While she is happy being single at the moment, it hasn’t stopped men from fighting over her. She says she has had men propose to her on their first date.

“Since I was a young girl, I’ve always dreamed to have a perfect body like a Barbie doll. I was born in a normal family. No one has encouraged me to make any of these changes,” Paulina said.

“When I was younger, MTV promoted playboy episodes for Girls Next Door and I fell in love with the whole Playboy lifestyle.  The girls looked so beautiful and I would dream to be one of them.

Paulina pictured as a teen before any surgeries. MDWfeatures / @paulinajcandy

“That gave me the inspiration to make a lot of changes to my body. After that, I decided to get bigger size boobs and lips as I see it as more sexual and seductive.

“I started to take care of myself when I was a child and when I was eighteen, I had my first surgery – a boob job and injections like lip fillers, cheek fillers, and smaller touch ups.

“From the age of twenty, I came into fitness and I trained one or two times in the gym every day. My diet is very strict but sometimes I will have a cheat meal like sushi or pasta in a restaurant.

“I don’t drink alcohol and keep my lifestyle very healthy; some people tell me that this is an obsession but as I said, this is my lifestyle.

“In my opinion, every woman needs to take care of herself, keep her body in good shape and maintain a positive mind, to feel more confident and sexy – for yourself, not anyone else.

Paulina pictured after her surgeries including three boob jobs (4). MDWfeatures / @paulinajcandy

“I receive a lot of attention from both genders; women are very jealous of my look and criticise me, many guys go crazy about me and even propose to me on the first day we meet or even online.

“My family and friends were so surprised when they saw me, and they asked me so many questions about this Barbie look I turned myself into.

“I was the same person before my surgeries, but my confidence has increased a lot and I feel much happier about myself.

“I am a very determined person and for me it is more important for me to achieve this look than any pain that comes with the procedures.

“In 2014, I increased the size of her boobs to a volume of 800cc, I was very happy, but I needed to correct it with animal fat pads to give a smoother shape to my implants.

Paulina pictured after her first boob job at 18. MDWfeatures / @paulinajcandy

“In the same year, I decided to undergo a procedure that dissolves hyaluronic acid on the face and replaces it with natural fat from the tummy. In 2015 I decided to add more volume to my boobs by fat transfer.

“In 2018 I decided to do buttocks implants and rhinoplasty in Colombia. My last boob job surgery in 2018, increased its volume to 1500cc, which made me very happy and I don’t want to increase them anymore.”

Paulina, who is originally from Warsaw, Poland, says that the attention she has received from men has been very positive, but she also does get negative comments from women who she says are jealous.

While most of her surgeries have been self-funded, she has had relationships where the man would encourage her to increase the size of her boobs for the benefit of their sex life.

She is planning on having another nose job in the future.

Paulina pictured as a child. MDWfeatures / @paulinajcandy

“After every procedure I received many compliments and people saying that I am very beautiful and I don’t need to change anything else,” she said.

“The worst comment which I received on a social media page was from a guy who said that he wished for me to get an infection and die.

“Some people use bad words but most of my fans are very kind and sweet and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

“I always have a problem with finding the right person in a relationship which is one bad thing about looking more sexual.

“People say that I look like a porn star, but I would like to be a porn star only for one person in my life.

Paulina pictured after her surgeries including three boob jobs. MDWfeatures / @paulinajcandy

“Many guys say that I look like a Nicolette Shea, and they dream to be with me. I have a long line of guys who want to date me but at the moment I’m single.

“My previous partners were also very happy about our sex life and encouraged me to go bigger and help me financially to get the bigger size.

“There is always risk of infection or even death, but I always keep a positive mind and believe that everything will be ok and that I will achieve everything I want.

“In March 2019 she is going to have more surgeries such as another rhinoplasty to make her dream barbie nose and some other barbie touch ups.

“Everything you do, do it for yourself; stay focussed on what makes you happy and take care of yourself.”