Lenka pictured in a pink bra that shows off her 34H sized breasts. MDWfeatures / @lenushka1050

By Kate Harrold


PLAYBOY model was so ASHAMED of her ‘small’ breasts that she decided to get the BIGGEST implants available in her COUNTRY.

Businesswoman, Lenka Kovarova, from Prague, Czech Republic spent years feeling unhappy because she felt her small breasts made her less of a woman.

Lenka decided to do something about this and spent over £5,000 (153,000czk) bringing her breast size from an A cup to a 34H. This included the initial 250cc implants for £2,200 (65,000czk), the larger 1050cc implants for £2,850 (85,000czk) and a pre-operative examination for £100 (3000czk).

Lenka pictured modelling in lingerie after getting her initial 250cc breast implants. MDWfeatures / @lenushka1050

Lenka has long believed that larger breasts make a woman feminine and she’s now much more confident with using her busty look to appeal to men. In fact, Lenka is the business owner of a Playboy merchandise supplier in her home country – a company that celebrates women’s sex appeal.

She is now content and doesn’t believe she will have any more work done to her breasts. She is however contemplating Botox. Lenka uses her YouTube channel to educate other women who are interested in getting implants.

“Before plastic surgery, I felt angry that I couldn’t wear what I liked. I was ashamed of my small breasts as a woman,” Lenka said.

Lenka pictured on holiday and full of confidence following her breast implants. MDWfeatures / @lenushka1050

“Now, I feel more female. I can see how my breasts work on men. I have a lot of fun with it because I know how it was before.

“No women in my family had breasts. I know that many of them were always moody about it. I didn’t want that for myself. I wanted to be happy with my body.

“I felt a little fear before my surgery, but nothing could stop me.

The Playboy model showing off her voluptuous 1050cc sized breasts. MDWfeatures / @lenushka1050

“In my second surgery, I decided to have the largest implants you can get in Czech Republic. 1050cc is not a common size. Usually you only get 200-300cc more than the size before. Only one doctor here can do this.

“After my surgery, I could enjoy my life without limits. I have no medical issues with them.

“I have to take a visit once a year for a breast sonography, but every woman should do that – with or without implants.

Lenka sported modelling some of her Playboy products. MDWfeatures / @lenushka1050

“I’m happy with my breasts now. I don’t want another surgery – maybe Botox when I need it.”

Lenka believes her Playboy business reflects her attitude about her boobs.

“Playboy is a firm with a big strong tradition,” Lenka said.

The varying stages of Lenka’s breast-size transformation. MDWfeatures / @lenushka1050

“It’s about nice and smart people. Their merchandise is beautiful. The trademark is ageless.”

Lenka has noticed a positive response to her new look from those in her life.

“My family is really happy for me. Most of the women in my family have had a boob job too. I was the first with silicones in my family,” Lenka said.

Lenka baring all with her new 1050cc implants. MDWfeatures / @lenushka1050

“I’ve never had a negative response.

“I am sure I am 100 per cent more attractive to men, but maybe that’s because of my confidence.

“My partner loves my breasts. I think that my boobs enhance our relationship.”

For more, please visit Lenka’s Instagram page and YouTube page.