By Liana Jacob


THIS POLYAMOROUS TRIAD have solidified their love by getting MARRIED in a traditional ceremony – but are still OPEN to including MORE WOMEN in their relationship.

Marketing director, Jimmy Silva (35), and 420Nurses president of their company 420Nurses, Chacha (32), both from LA, USA, first met in high school and fell for each other instantly after being introduced by a mutual friend in April 2009.

Their relationship quickly intensified and three years into their relationship, they met vice president of 420Nurses, Summer Silva nee Pelletier (25), and fell in love with her. A few months of forming a close friendship, they decided to officially enter into a polyamorous relationship in December 2012.

Chacha, Jimmy, Summer pictured with another girl. MDWfeatures /

Their relationship got serious in 2018 when Chacha and Summer talked about having babies and settling down together. Jimmy got down on one knee to propose in April 2019, which was the same day of their 10-year anniversary.

The wedding preparations took six months to plan and they decided to go for the traditional ceremony in December 2019; Chacha and Summer both wore white to the wedding with waist-length veils.

Both Summer and Chacha’s families attended their wedding, however, Jimmy’s family were not convinced of his relationship and threatened to disown him when he invited them to the wedding.

Chacha pictured (left) with Jimmy and Summer with ‘bride’ sashes and a ‘groom’ badge. MDWfeatures /

With each of the women’s dresses costing £1,160 ($1,500) each, Jimmy’s tux costing £155 ($200) and working together to keep the cost as low as they could, they spent over £10,800 ($14,000) altogether.

The day took place at the Ventura Beach Club, where they also got engaged, which is managed by Summer’s family.

While they are in a committed relationship, the three are mutually attracted to women and their fantasy is to include more women in their love triangle and also have babies in the near future.

Chacha, Jimmy and Summer pictured in a pool on their honeymoon. MDWfeatures /

“The wedding prep was probably stressful for everyone but us. We had an agreement to make the day the best it could be and didn’t let the little things get to us,” Summer said.

“We chose to take our own spin on a traditional ceremony and not see each other the night before the wedding.

“Chacha and I didn’t let Jimmy see the dresses either until the day of the wedding and that made the day really special for him because he felt that part was just for him.

Summer (left) and Chacha (right) looking admiringly at their husband, Jimmy. MDWfeatures /

“We practised our dance for a couple months trying to make it perfect and it seemed the day of stressing over the dance just melted off and it came out absolutely perfect.

“We arrived, we all married each other in the presence of most of our family, we ate, we drank, and we danced the night away, it really was the most beautiful day of our polyamory relationship.

“Not seeing each other the night before was a challenge because Chacha and I always get ready together. But seeing them at the end of the aisle waiting for me was the moment that changed my life.

Jimmy, Summer and Chacha’s wedding rings. MDWfeatures / 420Nurses Photography

“She looked more beautiful than I have ever seen anyone in my life; very angelic. He was so handsome in his suit.

“It was really unreal. I didn’t think much would change but after we got married, everything just felt so whole and solid.

“I felt so beautiful in my dress, and I’m so happy I shared this day with my favourite people. I laughed, I cried, I drank my favourite tequila, I ate the best food, and my cheeks hurt at the end of the day at how hard I was smiling.”

Summer, Jimmy and Chacha pictured surrounded by the girls’ families on their wedding day. MDWfeatures /

As wedding planners don’t cater to trio weddings or weddings with more than two people, Jimmy, Chacha and Summer had to plan everything themselves.

They did a lot of DIY to keep the cost low; they spent £390 ($500) on decorations, £155 ($200) on flowers, two bridal dresses for £2,330 ($3,000), £1,165 ($1,500) for food, £3,880 ($5,000) for the rings, £466 ($600) for the DJ, £1,165 ($1,500) for the photographer, £233 ($300) for the officiator, £466 ($600) for the cakes and desserts and £390 ($500) for the limousine ride to travel to the airport for their honeymoon in Thailand.

Chacha describes what it felt like on their special day.

Summer, Jimmy and Chacha pictured with ‘Mr and Mrs and Mrs’ in front of them. MDWfeatures /

“I felt like I was in a fairy-tale and the whole time I could not stop smiling. I felt prepared, relaxed, happy and got to enjoy every minute of it,” she said.

“Those who came to celebrate with us made the whole event feel like a holiday. Magic was in the air helping us mix our families and friends together for the first time.

“It felt amazing having our love presented in such ceremony of three making us an official one love. My family is accepting of our relationship because they truly love me unconditionally and see the happiness that exists in our relationship.

Summer (left), Jimmy (middle) and Chacha (right) on their wedding day. MDWfeatures /

“They love being included and as part of our unique love. Every day we get a call, text or a post of social media as a reminder that they’ve got our backs against all the people who feel otherwise.”

With two of their goals already accomplished; buying a house together and getting married, they are now focusing their time on new life goals. They hope to one day meet one or more women to join their polyamorous relationship. They are also hoping to have children in the near future.

Jimmy describes what it was like for his family and what their future plans are.

Summer, Jimmy and Chacha pictured having their first dance at their wedding. MDWfeatures / 420Nurses Photography

“My family has probably been the least supportive all along. They kind of pretend my relationship doesn’t exist,” he said.

“When I invited them to my wedding, they wanted to disown me. I only had one cousin attend my wedding because my immediate family asked the rest of my family not to support.

“They treated me as if I am doing something wrong, and it’s sad. I am since talking to them again, but they’re back to pretending that my relationship doesn’t exist.

Summer, Jimmy and Chacha pictured looking happy after getting married and on their honeymoon. MDWfeatures /

“I feel our communication on goals has strengthened with time, we have solidified our five-year plan, which includes owning property, having kids in the future, and more currently planning to attend a huge festival called Friday Night Sesh Festival in Adelanto, California where we will be having our first Polyamory booth at to spread awareness on polyamorous love.

“To us actions speak a whole lot louder than words. We vowed to love each other unconditionally and show each other every day how much we love one another.

“We are still very much open; if we find a girl, we all like and we agree to take her on a date, that’s normally how it happens.

Summer, Jimmy and Chacha pictured on a bed whilst they were on their honeymoon. MDWfeatures /

“We are mutually attracted to women and we are open to the idea of more women joining our love and our life. Our current fantasy involves one or more women being intimate with all of us at the same time.

“Our goal is to spread awareness that our relationship, although seemingly taboo, really isn’t. We want more people to know how we live our life.

“We know it interests so many people, and if we aren’t talking about it, it will stay behind closed doors like it has for so many years.

From left to right: Chacha, Summer and Jimmy pictured with an elephant during their honeymoon in Thailand. MDWfeatures /

“We want our love and life to be normalised. A major goal for us would be to legalise polyamory marriage, and we hope to band together with more people who are likeminded.

“This is why we are going to be setting up a booth at the Friday Night Sesh festival in hopes to spread more awareness.

“We do hope to try for kids in the near future. People love our wedding photos, and we do too! It’s really unique because there’s two brides and a groom, it definitely makes you look twice, or three times.”