By Liana Jacob


MEET THE SUGAR BABY whose sugar daddy went to JAIL and left him with his entire THREE-MILLION-POUND estate.

Entertainer and sugar baby, Kaeden Harveland (19) from Washington, USA, was just 15 years old when he first fell into the sugar dating world after dating men who would slip him money for companionship.

He has since been on a whirlwind journey of meeting and dating many rich men who would gift him with either money or luxurious items, which has previously earned him between £1,300 and £3,800 ($2,000 and $5,000) a month.

Kaeden pictured with a glass of mimosa. MDWfeatures / Kaeden Harveland

In October 2018, he was contacted by a sugar daddy on Grindr who invited him to his upscale mansion where he introduced him to his wealthy life and successful business. Having been in the dating world for some time, Kaeden began to notice something off about him and decided to explore into his background, where he discovered that this man was involved in some illegal activity such as money-laundering and assault.

Feeling suspicious, Kaeden confronted him about his new-found information, and it was confirmed that he has been prosecuted for money-laundering, assault and paraphernalia.

Despite feeling worried and slightly betrayed, Kaeden decided to get some more answers and tried texting and calling him but got no reply, so he went to his house. When he got there, he was told by a passer-by that the owner of the house was escorted by the police and has been remanded.

Kaeden pictured with a cone using it like a megaphone. MDWfeatures / Kaeden Harveland

A few months later after moving on, Kaeden received a message from his jailed sugar daddy who informed him that he gave him full access to everything he owned which is worth £3,800,000 ($5,000,000).

Kaeden couldn’t believe it until a legal team approached him to finalise the deal.

“At first, I didn’t really believe it because I’ve been in the dating world a long time so I can sense scam and fraudulent messages so I’m really pretty good about that,” Kaeden said.

Kaeden pictured counting money. MDWfeatures / David Budnick

“So when I read this message I just thought ‘oh whatever, it’s just him being stupid or him trying to do something fraudulent’, but I have seen him a couple of times before I got that message, so I was very thrown off.

“It didn’t really hit me at first until his legal representation approached me and was like ‘you have access to this, this and this, so you are a co-owner of this’.

“I was like ‘damn this is the real deal’, I’ve seen my real name on the documents, which I don’t even fully understand.

“I got a legal team to work with me to make sure it’s legit because while I have everything down, I’m still only nineteen, so there may be some things I have missed.”

Kaeden’s sugar daddy was arrested and jailed for money-laundering a small portion of what he owned, while the majority of his possessions and money have been put under Kaeden’s name.

Kaeden pictured modelling his own brand Kalaqtic. MDWfeatures / Kaeden Harveland

While he has been very successful as a sugar baby the last few years, in the last year he had toned down his lifestyle due to settling in a relationship. But he says that this hasn’t affected his success in the business.

He says that he has been using the money to further his designer brand Kalaqtic which has been his biggest priority.

“I was fifteen when I started; so around four years ago. It’s been really different because within the past year I’ve been in a relationship, so I’ve had to change my lifestyle a little bit to men and to that relationship,” he said.

“So, it was very different having to give my attention to someone else and also give my attention to my career.

Kaeden pictured showered with money. MDWfeatures / David Budnick

“It definitely was hard, but I’ve managed to maintain it – I’d say, if anything, I’ve made more money this year whilst slacking on it than I have the last four years, which is like really crazy for me. But I guess the higher up you go the less you have to work. So, it’s worked in my favour.

“I’ve been spending my money all on my business Kalaqtic; It’s a fashion line enroute to breaking boundaries in the fashion industry.

“Ranging from minimal accessories to festival, red carpet outfits. Being my own investor has been an amazing opportunity and it’s what I plan to keep doing.

“I am also about to buy a house for the investment aspect, I’m determined to multiply the money I have in the most efficient and fun way possible.”