By Scott Thompson


MEET THE man who claims girls are always wanting to have sex with him after he hit puberty at just NINE YEARS OLD and has since gone on to meet his wife and then fall in love with HER FRIEND – and now they’re in a polyamorous relationship.

DJ and EDM music producer and personal trainer, Andrew Niman (35) from San Diego, California, USA, hit puberty at a young age and lost his virginity on his 11th birthday with his first girlfriend who was 10 and continued to lead a very sexually active lifestyle ever since.

Andrew realised he was becoming a man way before his teens as he noticed his body hair growing and that he had developed a deeper voice and in turn felt that he was out of place around peers of his own age but was still very confident.

Andrew with his wife and girlfriend. MDWfeatures / Andrew Niman

In July 2011 Andrew placed an ad on Craigslist under the ‘casual encounters’ personals. He got a reply and decided to meet up with his now wife, Kayla Vigil (30). The couple grew and explored together sexually with other couples at sex-club houses and swingers’ clubs.

Then in May 2016 Andrew proposed to Kayla, and she accepted, the couple finally tied the knot in August 2017.

In January 2019 Kayla told Andrew that a man wanted to have sex with her and that she needed to find a girl for Andrew. So, she gave Andrew her friend’s phone number.

When Andrew met Brittany Thiessen (33), they got along right from the start and he fell in love immediately and now he goes out with Kayla and Brittany separately.

“I hit puberty at nine. I knew because I had pubic hair growing and my voice was deepening. Also, I was masturbating and ejaculating,” Andrew said.

Andrew and wife making a peace selfie. MDWfeatures / Andrew Niman

“I felt kind of awkward because my body looked weird to me. It was like I didn’t fit in, but I still had a lot of confidence and didn’t let it bring me down.

“I lost my virginity when I was 11. It was on my birthday and with my girlfriend at the time who was ten. It was a nice birthday present.

“Even before I turned 18, I was incredibly sexually open minded. I was always blessed with girls liking me and wanting to have sex with me.

“They just came to me naturally. I never had to be pushy with any of them.

“Back in July 2011 I placed an ad on Craigslist, and this is how I met Kayla. It used to have a ‘casual encounters’ section on their website so I knew she was already open minded. I was really sad then they removed this section.

“We were together and exploring with other couples, going to sex clubs and swingers’ clubs for several years and things were going really well. So, we got engaged May 2016 and finally then married August 2017.

“I absolutely love her with all my heart.”

Andrew with his wife and girlfriend getting ready for a night out. MDWfeatures / Andrew Niman

Andrew doesn’t live with his wife or girlfriend after initially hoping they could be a throuple, but he thinks it’s worked out for the best that they aren’t.

“In January 2019 my wife gave me Brittany’s phone number and we hit it off right away. It was like literally love at first text. It’s crazy I can’t explain it. Love is hard to wrap your head around sometimes for everyone. It was like we were always together and always existed together before even meeting,” Andrew said.

“My wife asked me if I was in love with both of them at the same time. I was really scared but I told her I was. She asked if I wanted to be with them both. I told her that this would be a polyamorous relationship and how serious this was, but she said she knew, and it was fine. She had to keep reassuring me.

“I’d hoped that we three would have sex together, but I do truly believe it’s worked out best that I kept each relationship separate, but I totally would if it could work out for all of us. I don’t want anyone to feel left out.”

Andrew and Kayla tied the knot in August 2017. MDWfeatures / Andrew Niman

Andrew spreads the love to his 120K Instagram followers, his advice to others who are interested in a similar kind of relationship is to be patient because taking care of more than one person takes more work and can make it harder to find a balance.

Mostly Andrew receives positive messages of support about his relationships but says that some disapprove.

“I’d recommend anyone who is thinking of having an alternative type of relationship or multiple relationships to be patient. Remember the more people involved the harder it is. It’s not easy, in fact it’s harder because you’re dealing with more feelings and it’s hard to find a balance,” he said.

“Most people have been respectful about my relationship with my wife and girlfriend. I’m often asked how we are all getting on. However, some people have been sending me hateful messages online.

“I know this isn’t for everyone, but nobody is being hurt here. Some people love lobster and some love caviar. I’m in love with both my wife and girlfriend and it’s turned out to be an amazing experience.”


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