By Mark McConville


SHOCKING video footage has captured the moment two Indian Air Force planes collided mid-air during a practice sortie today (February 19), killing one pilot and injuring two others.

The footage two planes crashing into each other and then spiralling towards the ground before the clip cuts to the aftermath of the wreckage as paramedics rush to save the pilots.


The three pilots were on the two Surya Kiran Hawk jets part of an aerobatic team that was training for the Aero-India 2019 exposition that starts tomorrow.


Eye-witnesses said the collision occurred when the aircraft had launched an inverted aerial manoeuvre. Many initially mistook the low-altitude flight to be part of the aerobatic displays.

Police officials said one of the pilots died on the spot. The two injured pilots were flown to HAL Airport and shied to the Air Command Hospital on Old Airport Road.


“Today morning at around 1150 hrs, two Hawk aircra of Suryakiran aerobatic team of IAF crashed while practicing for the forthcoming Aero India Air Show,ā€ said the Indian Air Force in a statement.


ā€œTwo pilots ejected and have been evacuated to the Command Hospital. A third pilot sustained fatal injuries. Damage to life and property in the vicinity of crash site is being ascertained. A Court of Inquiry will investigate the cause of the accident.”

Besides the Surya Kirans, the Sarang helicopter aerobatic team and the Yakovlevs from the United Kingdom were lined up for aerial displays.