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By Liana Jacob

MEET the Instagram model with more than 340K followers who has transformed the size and shape of her BUM after she was introduced to ‘the glute guy’.

Personal trainer, online influencer and Instagram star, Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham (28), from Perth, Australia, has proudly posted pictures on social media of her toned booty since discovering the secret of how to work her glute muscles.

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Through the intensity of her new exercise regime, Madalin has increased her calorie intake from 1800, in January 2017, to 2300 and has since put on nearly six pounds. She is now studying to be a nutrition coach and is planning to release an affordable fitness guide for everyone, with an emphasis on legs and ‘booty’.

“I was introduced to Bret Contreras during my personal training course, as I was always bugging my lecturers about how to grow my glutes,” said Madalin.

“Bret has been a trainer for more than 20 years and his Ph.D. was around glute training – he knows glutes like no other. I always thought deadlifts and squats were the best way to bigger glutes, but after reading his studies, research and books, I’m obsessed with hip thrusting, glute bridges and resistance bands.

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“Since I implemented these into my routine I’ve seen a massive difference in the size and shape of my glutes.

“I always tell people to train smarter, not harder. Decide on your goals for your body and find out the quickest and most efficient way to get there. Do your research.

“Stop with your 100 squat challenge and replace it with 100 glute bridges instead.”

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She also says that the main mistake people make when it comes to fitness is thinking that they need to spend hours on cardio, which to her isn’t the case.

“If you’re trying to lose body fat, muscle burns calories. You need to implement a resistance training with compound movements and progressive overload.

“If you want to build your booty, don’t underestimate resistance bands. If you can’t get to the gym invest in a really good quality band and workout from home instead. I love using bands to do glute bridges, donkey kicks, crab walks and seated hip abductions.”

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The typical ‘perfect’ body according to social media, does not necessarily appeal to Madalin, who prefers bigger butts and legs.

“My body has changed in shape since implementing weights into my routine; my waist is smaller, my hips and butt are bigger and I’m physically much stronger. I love big legs and butts. A thigh gap has never been desirable to me,” she said.

“I told my friend her butt was looking really big and she was offended. I realise that to most people that it’s not a compliment.

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“I think because people think social media influencers are more “real-life” than the celebrities you see touched up on magazines, when now Instagram is just the same as the cover of any women’s magazines.

“It’s easy to smooth out your cellulite or re-shape your body. So now I think the problem is even worse, as we compare ourselves more to these unattainable images of perfection.

“Instead of a magazine, which you have to physically go to the shops to buy, you’ll have these images in your pocket and they are accessible at all times.”

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Although social media has brought about some controversy concerning body image, Madalin adds that the Instagram Vs Reality craze has created a positive vibe. She also talks about her role in social media.

“I love it. They are some of my favourite pictures to see. We often only post our best images on Instagram, no one wants to see me in bed right now in my hoodie and trackies,” she added.

“But it’s nice every now and then to see what real-life actually looks like. I don’t think I decided to be a role model at all and sometimes I question my relevance in the #bopo [body positivity] community because my body is still seen as “good” in society.

“I have stretchmarks, cellulite and rolls on my stomach but not to the extent of other women who are really active in the community, so I feel like a bit of an imposter sometimes.

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“The only way I feel like my message is relevant is because I do get “your body is goals” comments on my photos and I want people to know I have regular flaws just like anybody else.

“We’re so used to seeing perfect pictures of women on our feeds, that it’s nice to see a bit of real life sometimes.

“If you’re trying to lose body fat, I would say start with a few weight training sessions a week, but first of all, get your nutrition sorted. It can be overwhelming to count macros so just focus on getting enough protein into your diet and eating in a calorie deficit.

“Ditch the treadmill for weights. You are not going to become bulky and manly. You’re going to build curves, feel strong and maybe even learn to love working out.”

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