By Mark McConville


WATCH the shocking moment a prank gone wrong nearly causes a fatal accident as a runaway jeep hits a mother and her child.

The video shows the mother and child walking along the road before the jeep suddenly comes into view.

Travelling quickly, the jeep rams into the mother and daughter and runs over the top of them before crashing into a nearby shop.

Mediadrumimages / Shamantak Mani

Luckily the people were not seriously hurt as the jeep missed the girl, who fell on the road, and passed over the woman.

The incident happened after a businessman had left his jeep running as he went to a shop to hand over a few documents to a friend in Puttur taluk in Karnataka, India, on February 10.

A passing youth saw an opportunity to play mischief, got into the jeep and changed gears. But as the jeep suddenly lunged forward he lost control.

Mediadrumimages / Shamantak Mani

He rammed into two cars and three bikes and even knocked down a woman and her daughter.

However, both of them escaped with their lives as the vehicle missed the child, who fell on the road, and passed over the woman.

The man has been arrested by the local police.