By Alyce Collins


SINCE discovering a lump in her breast this woman decided the key to survival was to become a raw vegan MERMAID and she feels she has reversed the aging process.


University professor, Lisa (37), who goes by the alias, Raw Vegan Mermaid, from Ontario, Canada, had a health scare back in 2013 when doctors found a lump in her breast, and since then she’s made it her goal to centre her life around her happiness and wellbeing.

People often ask Lisa for pictures when they see her in her tail.
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In April 2013, after doctors were concerned by what turned out to be a benign lump in her breast, Lisa decided she had to turn her health around by turning to veganism.


Since leading a vegan lifestyle, Lisa has noticed drastic changes to her energy levels. She no longer suffers from the heartburn she had since the age of 12, and she says that she even feels younger in herself.

Lisa coming out of the water.
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Along with her vegan diet, Lisa’s new lease of life is also thanks to her exercise regime and unusual hobby of “mermaiding”, where she puts on her mermaid tail and swims either in pools or in the sea.


“My decision to turn to veganism came on April 13, 2013 after a health scare from a lump in my breast which my doctor was concerned about,” said Lisa.

Lisa drinks a vegan smoothie every morning.
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“Being vegan has changed my life drastically because I have so much more energy. I feel like the ageing process has started to reverse and I’m getting younger.


“I’ve managed to get rid of my chronic acid reflux and the heart burn that I had since I was 12.

Lisa follows vegan diet.
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“Before I became vegan, I had the standard American diet of pizza, chips, chicken, beer and sweets.


“But now, I start my day with my signature jackfruit orange smoothie. Then throughout the day, while I’m writing on my laptop, I snack on fruit – with cherries being my favourite.

Lisa is practicing holding her breath under water for longer.
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“In a typical day, I will eat two pounds of cherries or sometimes an entire durian fruit. If I’m headed to the pool, I usually take about 10 carrots with me. Then for dinner I have a huge salad full of seasonal greens and whatever veggies I’m in the mood for, usually avocado, carrots and cucumbers.


“At first I just started sharing raw vegan recipes on Instagram and great vegan restaurants I’d been to. I then eventually got into ‘mermaiding’ which is a wonderful and fun way to stay active.

Lisa loves embracing her mermaid hobby.
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“I also think it’s really important to do things in life which bring you, and those around you, joy.”


Lisa has transformed her life since embracing her new raw vegan diet and mermaid lifestyle. The primary focus was to improve her health, but in doing so she has also found a new hobby which has given her physical strength and confidence she never could have imagined.

Lisa’s boyfriend regularly helps her in and out of the water.
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Lisa spoke about how she uses Instagram to inspire other people to find their real passions which can also keep them active and happy.


“I am aiming to inspire people to find an activity that they find fun, as well as eating lots of vegetables and fruit along the way,” said Lisa.

Lisa’s doctors found a lump and since then she has put her happiness first.
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“I think moving your body and fuelling it with nutrient rich foods are two keys to living a happy life and to feeling great.


“I do ‘mermaiding’ at any chance I can get, which is at least twice a week.


“I go swimming in pools, practice underwater tricks at mermaid meetups or go to beaches, lakes, hot springs and glacier waters to swim in my tail.

Lisa regularly visits the beach in her tail.
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“During the winter, I typically head to Florida and I do a lot of outdoor pool swimming and I can also practice eating fruit underwater.


“I also take my tails travelling. I’ve gone to find hidden hot springs in Arizona, and I visited secret caves in Iceland. Last year I stayed on an anchored boat off Key West and spent my time mer-snorkelling from the boat to an island and being hoisted up and down into the ocean.


“Instagram has been a fun way to connect with other raw vegans as well as other mermaids. It’s a really great platform for sharing inspiration and for being inspired to eat healthily and keeping fit.

Lisa relaxing by the pool after a swim.
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“I have a lot of people who get very excited when they see me as a mermaid. The reaction is usually ‘wow, look – it’s a mermaid!’, and people also ask to have photos taken with me.

“Swimming with my mermaid tail is an awesome full body workout, especially a great core workout. It’s also helped me to practice holding my breath for longer.

“Mermaiding” has enabled Lisa to make the mosto of her life.
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“Seeing me puts a big smile on people’s faces too. It would be hard to look at a mermaid having fun and eating carrots by the side of the pool or on a beach and not to smile or laugh.

“I love bringing joy to people’s lives and encouraging them to eat healthily, be active and to engage in any type of fitness which brings them joy.


“I have always loved swimming and mermaids, so I knew I had to do this.”

Lisa posing on the rocks.
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You can see more of Lisa’s mermaid swimming and her raw vegan recipes by visiting her Instagram page, @missjumpinjackfruit.