Carrie and Marc on their wedding day. Carrie Jett /

By Rebecca Drew


THIS NINETEEN-year-old has married her now husband just five-months into their whirlwind relationship despite their SIXTEEN-YEAR age gap and being just four years older than his FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER.


Dog bather, Carrie Jett (19) met her husband, audio visual programmer, Marc (35) online via the social media site, Whisper, just one day before her 18th birthday.

The pair have enjoyed a whirlwind romance and moved in together just four months after they first met.
Carrie Jett /


The couple, who live together in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, although physically attracted to each other, never expected to fall in love.


However, they found that their conversations flowed easily, and they were soon besotted with each other. Four months into their relationship, they moved in with each other and they were married five months later in September last year.

The couple met online the day before Carrie’s 18th birthday.
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Carrie and Marc are planning a family, and dream of having two or three children together. Marc already has a teenage daughter, (15) from a previous relationship, who approves of her father’s relationship and enjoys shopping trips and watching TV with her new step-mum.


“We met on the day before my eighteenth birthday on Whisper. We were both bored and just wanted to hang out with someone,” said Carrie.

Carrie and Marc got married just five months after they first met.
Carrie Jett /


“Nether him nor I thought that we were going to fall in love. We were both very attracted to each other and continued texting and seeing each other about once a week until I moved in with him four months after we met, we got married five months after.


“I was very attracted to his looks when I first saw a photo of him, he kept me attracted with his kind and fun personality.

Carrie and Marc are planning for a baby.
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“He was first attracted to my looks as well, but I really caught his attention and he kept talking to me after the night we met when I told him to text me and let me know that he got home safe.”


Marc’s family welcomed Carrie with open arms, but it took her family a little longer to come around to the idea of their 16-year age gap.

Carrie and Marc never expected to fall in love.
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Despite having only been together for a year-and-a-half, Carrie and Marc have been through a lot already after sadly suffering a miscarriage in January this year.


“The age gap between Marc and I is sixteen years. Neither of us really mind that gap at all, but my family was not so accepting of it and some of them still don’t approve of it,” explained Carrie.

Carrie and Marc have been married for a year now.
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“His family was and is very welcoming of me and my age. They just want whatever woman Marc is with to make him happy.


“Marc’s daughter is fifteen-years-old and she does approve of me. We get along pretty well, she enjoys watching tv late at night with me or going to the mall.

Marc and Carrie are in love.
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“My family however really did not respond well to Marc. I left the path that they wanted me to go down and I found someone who makes me incredibly happy and some of my family has come to be ok with it.


“My family on my dad’s side does not talk to me at all due to my relationship with Marc. It is something that they do not agree with and do not accept.


“My mother and I talk frequently, and she has grown to accept my relationship. My ex-step mum has been very welcoming of my husband since the day she met him. We go to her house and hang out all the time.


“The most difficult part of our relationship happened early this year. We found out that we were pregnant in December, however we miscarried in January and many doctors’ appointments as my hormone levels did not go back down how they should have.

The pair do get funny looks from strangers when they are out and about but they say they have got used to this.
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“We both hope to have children, we want two or three of them.”


The couple receive stares from strangers when they are out and about, but they have grown used to them.

Carrie says that Marc’s family welcomed her with open arms.
Carrie Jett /


“If someone does not approve of my relationship or might criticise it then they have every right to do so, if it makes them happy or feel better,” said Carrie.


“I also have a right to be happy and that is why I am with Marc. He makes me so happy and feel so loved.


“Most people don’t really say anything, but they do give us odd looks. We don’t look like your average couple and it makes people curious.


“We have grown used to those looks though and hardly even notice them anymore.”