Ruby created the illusion that her face is being sucked into a vacuum. Ruby Mitchell /

By Alyce Collins


AFTER not knowing what to do when she left school, this makeup artist taught HERSELF how to create terrifying illusion makeovers, and now she’s gained over 60K followers as she regularly posts mind-boggling looks.

Barbed wire appears to be running through Ruby’s face.
Ruby Mitchell /


Makeup artist and student Ruby Mitchell (19) from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK, has taken her love for makeup even further after trying her hand at incredibly graphic special effects makeovers to look like she has barbed wire running through her head and a hole in her stomach, among other frighteningly detailed looks.

Ruby made the illusion that her face was being grated off.
Ruby Mitchell /


Ruby began experimenting with new makeup styles after leaving school at 16-years-old when she began watching tutorials and taking inspiration from films and television.

Ruby creates the illusion of her neck being tied in a knot.
Ruby Mitchell /


Ruby has gained a large following on Instagram where she regularly posts the new styles which she tries each week, including the illusion of peeling her skin off to reveal a clown’s face underneath, her face being sucked into a vacuum pipe and even cutting out parts of her leg with a cookie cutter.

Ruby’s frightening look appears as though her face has been split in two.
Ruby Mitchell /


As a keen perfectionist, Ruby has spent four hours trying out a new look previously, even wiping off hours’ worth of creativity to restart when it doesn’t go to plan.

Ruby created a look to make it look as though there is a hole in her stomach which you can see right through.
Ruby Mitchell /


“I have always had an interest in makeup as far back as I can remember,” said Ruby.

A cookie cutter looks to have burned the gingerbread man shape into her leg.
Ruby Mitchell /


“After finishing school, I started experimenting with more creative and unique makeup looks. So, I spent the summer holidays looking through YouTube tutorials, teaching myself different kinds of makeup, mainly focusing on special effects.

Ruby taught herself all of her incredible makeup talent.
Ruby Mitchell /


“I then decided to go to college and study theatrical and special effects makeup to improve on what I had already taught myself and to learn new skills.

Ruby’s head being pulled apart from her neck.
Ruby Mitchell /


“My first special effects look that I ever did was just two basic cuts on my arm which I thought looked pretty good at the time, which inspired me to try some more complicated things.

Ruby pulling her skin off.
Ruby Mitchell /


“What I love about these special effects is how you can completely transform someone into anything and anyone you want.

Ruby’s face appears to have been shattered and broken.
Ruby Mitchell /


“I also love seeing people’s reactions to it and them not being able to work out how it’s done either.

Ruby took inspiration from the cult horror film IT.
Ruby Mitchell /


“I like different makeup looks for different reasons, but I am more drawn towards the looks that give more of a shock factor. I get my inspiration from various artists on social media as well as the makeup I see on films and television.

A hole in Ruby’s hand.
Ruby Mitchell /


“I’ve taken inspiration from horror movies such as IT, American Horror Story and Annabelle. I really enjoy creating new work and I love seeing how the look comes together.

Ruby’s face shows painful patches where the skin appears to have been ripped off.
Ruby Mitchell /


“I have always enjoyed makeup in general and I love playing around with colour and new techniques. There is always something new I can try.

A rose stem looks to be weaving in and out of Ruby’s arm.
Ruby Mitchell /


“All of the looks I do are challenging for different reasons. As I am such a perfectionist with my makeup, I find that the looks which require precise attention to detail are the hardest and I often end up redoing things a number of times before I’m happy with it.”

Ruby’s hand shows painful cuts and burns.
Ruby Mitchell /


Ruby will happily spend up to four-hours trying out a new makeup look, and she creates new styles two to three times a week. Posting her incredible looks on Instagram has brought many new possibilities to Ruby who has received work offers and even made new friends through her regular posts.


Ruby is currently working on new styles to create for Halloween next month, when she will hope to transform her entire look and create numerous scary makeovers.

Ruby’s face apears to be torn in multiple pieces.
Ruby Mitchell /

“I never in a million years thought that my Instagram page would grow as much and as quickly as it has done,” said Ruby.


“My family and very supportive of what I do as well as my close friends. I’m even surprised by how many friends I’ve made through social media who are in similar areas, and it’s great being able to talk to them as they understand some of the difficulties you can come up against.


“I’m so grateful for every single person that follows me and encourages me and who enjoys my posts.”


You can see more of Ruby’s incredible illusion makeup looks by visiting her Instagram @rubymediamakeup.