Danielle is pictured on a beach before her weight loss (on the left) and on a beach with her daughter after her transformation (on the right). Danielle Cooper / mediadrumworld.com

By Liana Jacob


THIS MUM-of-two was so ashamed by her post-pregnancy body as revealed in a friend’s wedding photo that she forced herself to lose HALF her bodyweight in just TWELVE-MONTHS.


In 2011, after Danielle Cooper (30), from Berkshire, UK, fell pregnant with her first child, she put on three-stone then tipped the scales at 13st 9Ibs and a UK size 16-18 when she gave birth to her son in 2015.

Her new slimmed-down figure has given Danielle the confidence to wear size eight dresses and clothes.
Danielle Cooper / mediadrumworld.com


When she came across a picture of herself at a friend’s wedding in 2016, Danielle realised just how big she had got, and this was the final straw. She decided to join Slimming World, and this helped her shrink to 8st 12Ibs and a UK size eight. Ten months ago, she discovered hula hooping, and this became her method for shedding weight.


Danielle’s weight is now below her target of 9st and she shares pictures of her newly slim figure with 31,000 of her Instagram followers.

It took one picture (on the left) of Danielle at a friend’s wedding to motivate her to shed the weight (on the right).
Danielle Cooper / mediadrumworld.com


“After the birth of my first child; nearly seven years ago I piled on roughly three-stone. Then I fell pregnant again gaining more weight,” Danielle said.


“I was not active in anyway what-so-ever; I got taxis everywhere I could barely walk up a few steps without losing my breath.

While before (on the left) Danielle would struggle to walk up the stairs, she has now (on the right) become passionate in hula hooping.
Danielle Cooper / mediadrumworld.com


“When I had my two children especially my second I very quickly realised this, and it was heart breaking.


“I remember seeing a natural photo of me at a friend’s wedding completely caught off-guard and that’s when I realised how big I had got and that was the final straw.

Her new physique has helped Danielle participate in more activities with her kids and she no longer feels insecure.
Danielle Cooper / mediadrumworld.com


“I joined Slimming World and I have since lost nearly five-stone. I take my kids out for walks while they ride their bikes and I run alongside and even race them.


“I’ve recently joined as a member at Nirvana Spa which is a huge deal for me because everyone walks around in their swimming costumes, which two years ago you’d never catch me doing.

Danielle is shown at her biggest (on the left) compared with her new confident attitude after she lost the weight (on the right).
Danielle Cooper / mediadrumworld.com


“I started hula hooping about ten months ago, so I guess I was a good year into my journey. I wasn’t confident to join a gym or go to classes.


“I always felt people would stare or laugh at me, plus it was really difficult to find time to leave the house with two small children.

Danielle is pictured post-weight loss with her husband, Martyn, on a night out.
Danielle Cooper / mediadrumworld.com


“So, I bought a hula hoop one day and gave it a go and fell in love with it. I could stand in front of the TV or whack on my favourite music and hoop away. Now I even have my very own thirty-day challenge that I share with others.”


Since she shed the weight, she feels more confident than she ever did, and her new physique has helped her raise her children.

Danielle embracing her post-pregnancy stretchmarks.
Danielle Cooper / mediadrumworld.com


Danielle, who works at a supermarket head office, says the hardest part was avoiding the temptation to give up when she didn’t quickly lose the weight.


“When I first started I lost two-stone really quickly and after that my weight loss slowed down and I gave up,” she said.

Danielle before her transformation (on the left) and after her weight loss (on the right).
Danielle Cooper / mediadrumworld.com


“I started to hit the cupboards again along with ordering takeaways and soon enough I put a stone back on.


“I had to face going back to the group and seeing on paper I had gained that weight and that was the kick I needed. I’ve never looked back since. It made me think ‘yes, we all have our bad days and that’s OK’.”

She says that she never liked going to the gym for exercise, so when she discovered hula hooping, she was hooked.
Danielle Cooper / mediadrumworld.com


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