By Mark McConville


HEART-STOPPING video footage has captured one adrenaline junkie waving at security as he risks his life by surfing on a train at speeds of up to 155mph.


The thrilling footage shows the adventurous guy run across the train tracks and hop on to a train as it sets off.

Waves at security.
Alex Nomernoy /


He cheekily waves at the security on the platform before holding on for dear life as the train speeds up.


Other parts of the clip show the train surfer climbing onto the roof of the train before jumping off as it comes to a stop.

Alex Nomernoy /


The high-speed video was taken in Moscow by extreme photographer Alex Nomernoy (20), from Sevastopol City, Russia.


“Six years ago when the trains were full of people and there was no space for even one more person I started travelling on the outside of them,” he said.

Alex Nomernoy /


“In this clip I took a trip on a high-speed train called Peregrine Faicon (Sapsan) at speeds of up to 155mph.


“You can also see the reaction of the police and security as I go by. This train has a lot of security and it is difficult to climb onto so I did it without delay.”

Alex Nomernoy /


Although it may seem like Alex is risking his life unnecessarily he insists his unorthodox trips are a protest at the overcrowded carriages.


“I do it because I want to protest against the stuffy and crammed trips inside the train,” he explained.

Alex Nomernoy /

“Moreover, I think the ticket price is far too much and doesn’t match the comfort of the train.


“When people see me they are at a loss. Some enthusiastically wave at me and some think I am crazy. There are also people who try to take me off the train’s roof.

Alex Nomernoy /


“That’s why I try to hide. If I am caught the fines are small but the police don’t let me leave their station for a long time.”


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