Dorian says he was dumped by text and this resulted in his lowest weight, shown on the left, but now feels happy and confident in his own skin, on the right. Dorian Toucouere /

By Liana Jacob


MEET the bodybuilder whose emotional breakup by text caused him to starve himself on just 700-calories a day until he met his current girlfriend who helped him rediscover his love of food.


3D designer, Dorian Toucouere (25), from Toulouse, France, went through a heart-breaking split in 2011 with his ex-girlfriend that resulted in him feeling insecure. Developing a fear of food, he refrained from eating and at 5ft 8ins, his body shrunk to a tiny 7st 1Ib.

Dorian looking skinny at the peak of his anorexia in Summer 2012.
Dorian Toucouere /


During that period, he felt depressed and alone but it wasn’t until four years ago when he began bodybuilding and in 2017 when he met his girlfriend, Sophie, that he decided to recover as she encouraged him to eat more. Her support and love brought Dorian out of his depression and he has been incorporating bodybuilding into his routine and consumes between 4,500 to 5,000 calories a day, which have helped him sculpt his healthy 13st 5Ibs body.


Pictures now show Dorian beefed up in tank tops while working out in the gym and other images show him loved up with his new girlfriend who has boosted his confidence.

His new physique now means he is able to participate in active sports such as bodybuilding.
Dorian Toucouere /


“Following a breakup in 2011, I was depressed, I was not well. In the mornings I did not eat, at noon I had only two slices of chicken breast and vegetables,” Dorian said.


“In the evenings I ate what my mother ate. I used to do one-hour-fifteen-minutes of treadmill and one-hour-thirty-minutes of bodybuilding.

He says his current girlfriend, Sophie, helped him love food and recover from anorexia.
Dorian Toucouere /


“It’s been more than four years since I’ve been bodybuilding; this sport helped me get out of anorexia among other things.


“I overcame anorexia with the desire to live but particularly from a fear of dying. I met my girlfriend last year and she helped me re-discover and love food.

Dorian is shown shirtless revealing his muscle physique.
Dorian Toucouere /


“I knew her after my recovery but she helps me to accept myself physically. I’m happy again and I’m back to life.

“I feel good in my body and in my head, without any negative feelings.”

Dorian is shown on a beach during his anorexia battle on the left compared with his new-found confidence and muscles on the right.
Dorian Toucouere /


Dorian went from a strict meal plan of no breakfast and calorie-controlled meals to revamping his diet to regular breakfast meals and rice-based meals.


For breakfast, he eats oatmeal, eight egg whites, 60 grams of almond puree, a banana, and a glass of milk. For lunch he enjoys rice and chicken with green vegetables and semolina, chickpeas, chicken and more green vegetables for his dinner.

Dorian looking in the mirror at the peak of his anorexia in Summer 2012.
Dorian Toucouere /


“The hardest part of the process was the fear of eating food again which I forbade myself from. Now my friends and family are proud of what I have become,” Dorian said.


“In life nothing is impossible; the food, if it is controlled, will never kill anyone. You should never compare yourself with others. This illness is not insurmountable.”

Dorian now says he feels good about himself.
Dorian Toucouere /


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