By Mark McConville and Meenakshi Chauhan Sharma


MEET the man whose rare genetic disease has left him with such large tumours it looks like his face is melting.


Striking images show the unfortunate man attempting to read the newspaper, play with his grandchildren and wash his face despite the huge, drooping growth.

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Other photographs show a doctor measuring the tumours and checking the man’s eyesight which has been severely affected while on a walk through the street people take pictures on their mobile phones.


Subhash Chand (54), from Uttar Pradesh state in India, suffers from a genetic disease known as Neurofibromatosis or Von Recklinghausen’s Disease.

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The rare condition has left him with half lips and a missing eye and ear on the right side of his face since he developed it when he was just 20 years old.


“People make fun of me and call me different names but I do not bother about them. I never listen to their comments,” he said.

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“My grandchildren love me very much and they never get afraid of my tumours. I am accepted in my family and I am happy for that.


“I had fewer tumours when I was younger and they were smaller in size but they started to extend during my late twenties.

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“Doctors advised me to tie these tumours in cloth so that their progression could be prevented.”


Unfortunately, Subhash can’t tie his tumours in cloth as it is too painful for him. He has lots of bubble-like tumours all over his body which don’t hurt, only the tumours on his face cause him pain.

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Subhash cannot see, eat or speak properly due to his condition. He has visited many local doctors but has been told that his condition is incurable.


“His facial nerves are also involved and his facial tumours are extending due to its position, hanging downwards,” said Doctor S.K Kalra explained why Subhash feels pain.

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Subhash has two brothers but they don’t suffer with the condition, while his mother had the same problem but it was not as severe.


Subhash lives with his daughter-in-law and two grandchildren who he loves to play with. He has high hopes from life and he wants to enjoy every bit of it.

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Von Recklinghausen’s disease (VRD) is a genetic disorder characterized by the growth of tumours on the nerves. The disease can also affect the skin and cause bone deformities.


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