By Mark McConville

PEEK INSIDE this stunning £32k converted school bus that now acts as a mobile home for a family of five.

Incredible images show the old yellow school bus being stripped down and completely renovated.

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Other striking shots show the sleek interior after it was refurbished, the bright white exterior and the family enjoying themselves in their unconventional home. Denver (28) and Vanessa Miller (32), from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, wanted to purchase a camper to travel in and decided a school bus was their best option.

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“After a few years of being in a home, Denver and I were looking at purchasing a camper to travel in,” said Vanessa.

“While looking for one he said to me ‘what do you think about converting a school bus into a camper?’

“The minute he said it, I said yes. It took some convincing for me to want to do it full-time, but once I saw the potential I was ready to start the new journey.

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“Life on a bus with a family has overall been a great experience. We do have moments that are hard; winters can be a little tough with the shorter days.

“We know that it’s a season so we push through and keep going. Travelling is a lot of fun. It’s always nice to take the boys on new nomadic experiences.”

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The couple took four months and $45k to remodel the bus twice and now live on it with their three children; London (5), Phoenix (3) and Everest (2).

They’ve since clocked up around 15,000 miles after travelling through the Pacific Northwest, Southwest and Texas.

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The family are current in Corrales, New Mexico and hope to travel through the East Coast, Alaska and Canada some day.

Vanessa explained how the children adapted to life on the road and the issues they faced when building while she also had a message for anyone seeking to follow in their footsteps.

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“Our kids really only know the bus as their home,” she said.

“We ask our oldest all the time if he wants a house and he always says no. He loves the bus. I would say this experience has brought us closer, it’s taught us a lot about patience.

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“The only issues we had was parenting and remodelling at the same time. I was eight months pregnant when we got the bus. The build took about four months to do.

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“I love that we’ve been able to share this lifestyle with others. When we first started this journey there were not many buses converted. We were some of the few that were documenting it.

“I often tell people when they say they love this life but are afraid; this lifestyle is attainable. There are so many resources out there and we are always willing to help in any way we can. That’s a big part of being in this community we want to help others create their dream bus.”

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