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By Liana Jacob

MEET the Irish scientist who had tried every diet going before she found body building and has since honed herself into a muscular body building champion.

Former medical scientist, Lainey Griffin (35), from Longford, Ireland was never good at sports, but has taken part in ballet since she was two. When she started college, she put her diet and exercise on the back burner while she concentrated on her degree which saw her weight reach 10st and a UK size 14.

LONGFORD, IRELAND: Before and after. Lainey Griffin /


Lainey started yo-yo dieting while she figured out the best way to achieve her ideal shape and struggled through much of her twenties. At thirty, she decided to overhaul her lifestyle and dropped down to a toned 8st 12Ibs and a UK size six to eight.

“I was a UK size fourteen and on a small frame like mine, it was a very uncomfortable size and weight,” Lainey said.

“I started yo-yo dieting; trying weight watchers, which got results but once I started to eat normally again, I piled on the weight again.

LONGFORD, IRELAND: Before. Lainey Griffin /


“When I began working in the hospital, I was working up to seventy-hours a week. With limited hours for exercise and crappy hospital food, my weight again went up.

“When I turned thirty, I looked in the mirror and did not like what I saw, so I decided it was time to sort out my life and my diet.

“Initially when I started in the gym, it was simply to drop some weight, but I fell in love with it. I fell in love with lifting weights.

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“I started to see better results than I had ever seen from any fad diet or hours of treadmill running and within a couple of months I was starting to see my muscles tone up, so when I started to clean up my diet, I started to drop the fat.

“Within a few months I had not only transformed my body, but I had started to look in the mirror and love what stared back at me.

“I decided I wanted to show everyone what is possible to achieve when you set your mind to it. I entered my first bodybuilding competition; I could not believe it, I reached second place.”

Lainey Griffin /


Lainey says that the hard part was changing her mentality to rejuvenate her lifestyle and dietary routine and is now an online fitness influencer, with an Instagram following of over 90K.

“I now had the itch for fitness. I was now my priority. I met my husband a year later and he was a fitness online influencer and he introduced me to a more scientific approach to dieting,” she said.

“Until this point, I had gotten results through simply eating a restricted clean-eating diet; it made socialising and family events difficult.

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“My husband, Lex, taught me about flexible eating, which allowed me to reach the same fitness goals through scientifically calculating my macronutrient targets and hitting them daily.

“I have used this method to successfully train for numerous bodybuilding competitions. Within six months of meeting my husband, I quit my job of nine-years in the lab, to move to the UK and work as an online flexible dieting coach and online influencer.

“With more time, I discovered my love of cooking; I now spend my time working on exciting healthy recipes that can be incorporated into a healthy balanced diet.”

Lainey Griffin /

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