Amelthia before the wigs. Amelthia Bussian /

By Liana Jacob

MEET teenage living doll who came out as an ASEXUAL after battling anxiety and being subject to online trolling.

She identifies as asexual because she doesn’t have feelings of lust like other people do and doesn’t intend to actively look for a relationship EVER.

Amelthia Bussian /

Sales associate, Amelthia Bussian (19), from British Columbia, Canada, came from a family with little money, living in a trailer park.

When she reached year 12 she began to wear wigs following her feeling of anxiety and paranoia over whether people were staring at her or not.

Knowing for sure that people were looking at her because of her wigs gave her the confidence to communicate with others.

Amelthia Bussian /

Due to her porcelain skin and natural light blue eyes she would get comments that she looked like a doll, so she decided to embrace the look.

Following numerous lewd messages on her Instagram profile, Amelthia, who has never felt sexual attraction, decided to official declare herself as asexual online in a bid to raise awareness of other people with this preference.

“I don’t find it effects my relationships too much,” Amelthia said.

“Everyone is different; for me, I find it just prolongs the process of falling in love I guess, as I don’t have feelings of lust like other people do.

Amelthia Bussian /

“I’ve had one boyfriend in the past and he was very supportive of me, even now he’s still one of my best friends.

“My friend had set me up with my last boyfriend because she thought I needed one, more than me actually wanting one.

“I’m grateful for her doing that as he is still my best friend. I liked being in a relationship, I just feel that it’s not the most important thing in the world.

“I’ve also never had a crush on someone and it took me what would be considered a long time to ‘fall in love’ with my previous boyfriend.

Amelthia Bussian /

“As far as a relationship in the future, I won’t go looking for one. I don’t need or crave anything, I’m happy just having my friends to hang out with.

“Asexual for me means that I don’t have an interest or need for the more intimate side of a relationship.

“I had taken my asexual preference down from my Instagram profile while I was in a relationship, and I found I went from getting no harassment to a lot of messages, asking lewd and inappropriate questions which I didn’t appreciate.

“So I decided it was best to keep it up there and things did go back to normal.”

Amelthia Bussian /

Every day on her way to work, Amelthia, would constantly be faced with people who were ‘curious’ about her look.

Since she began wearing wigs, she now has forty different wigs for every few months as far as she can afford it.

“My hair has always been frizzy and rather time consuming to do, so I wanted an easier alternative. I also had some anxiety; where I would be paranoid that people were always looking at me, but I couldn’t tell,” she said.

“The fact that people were looking at me didn’t bother me, but not being able to tell if they were or why they were was stressful.

Amelthia before the wigs. Amelthia Bussian /

“I found that if I wore the wigs, I pretty much knew I was being stared at and that it was because my hair was different and just knowing that made me feel better for some reason.

“I no longer have these anxieties and now I just enjoy the wigs for what they are; a fun alternative. Ultimately, my goal never was to become a living doll, it was just to dress like I want to dress.

“Along the way, I was told I looked like a doll and I’ve kind of embraced it. I don’t do much to achieve my looks, I’ve always been extremely pale, even when I don’t wear makeup.

“Some people think I have white face paint on, which is a bit weird. But it does help with the ‘doll aesthetic’.

Amelthia Bussian /

“Before wearing the wigs I went about my day barely speaking to anyone. I’d get marked absent for classes I was present for even.

“I’ve always had a problem showing skin too, so I would wear a lot of jeans and hoodies, which probably didn’t help.

“Now I talk a lot more and I can’t remember a day where I’ve gone out and not been told how cute I look or asked for a photo.

“It’s great to see the smiles people have when they look at me. It’s cute. I still don’t like showing skin, but I’ve really come to love wearing tights and dolls are usually quite covered as well, so it works out.

Amelthia Bussian /

Sometimes reactions from the public can leave Amelthia speechless as she never intends to go out dressed like a doll. But this has taught her to feel comfortable in her own skin and embrace her individualities.

“I live on an island and luckily everyone I’ve come across has been very nice to me. I get asked for photos a lot and children are always very happy to see me and ask me many questions,” she said.

“Sometimes people will ask ‘what are you all dressed up for?’ or ‘who are you dressed up as?’ which is hard to answer because I’m just me, I’m not dressed up, that’s just how I dress.

Amelthia Bussian /

“I don’t mind as I understand that I don’t look as ‘normal’ as everyone else, I guess. Ultimately, I just hope that everyone can get to a point where they feel comfortable with themselves.

“They should be comfortable enough to dress how they want, be what they want, and live the way they want.

“Life is about having fun and if you want to have bright pink hair – then have bright pink hair. Don’t worry about what other people think. What matters is what you think.”

Amelthia Bussian /

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