Steve Santini with 17th century witch hunting relics that may point the way to a lost fortune. Steve Santini /

By Mark McConville

SHOCKING footage shows a man test out a 17th century witch hunter’s kit on himself, with items that he believes may lead him to a huge treasure.

The incredible video shows the man jab himself with the witch pricker’s needle, which was used to determine whether a woman was a witch or not. If she felt no pain she was believed to be a witch.

The sinister tools of the 17th century witch hunter’s trade. Steve Santini /

Although the man doesn’t penetrate the skin the sharpness of the centuries old needle is obvious and he recoils from it.

Stunning pictures show other items linked to the witch burner including a coin and gold-covered goblet as well as a witch prison gown.

The amazing images and video footage were taken by historian and author Steve Santini (53) from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

Steve recently located and purchased a number of these items with his friend Ralph Buso (48) from Redlands, California, USA.

A rare solid silver coin with the fox symbol of the Bamberg witch burner. Santini and Buso believe that his ill gotten lost treasure could contain thousands of these coins as well as looted gold and gems. Steve Santini /

They believe the objects may lead them to a vast hidden treasure that was collected by the Prince Bishop of Bamberg, Germany, Johann Georg II Fuchs von Dornheim in the 1620s and early 1630s.

“During a decade long blood soaked reign of terror he was personally responsible for the arrest, torture, and execution of perhaps as many as 1000 innocent victims on the trumped up charge of witchcraft,” said Steve.

“He even constructed a special witch torture prison that was a virtual factory of death.

A rare 17th century German witch prison gown in Santini’s collection. Steve Santini /

“And, once a prisoner confessed and was executed, all of their personal property was seized by the Prince Bishop. In this way he grew rich on the blood money of his victims.

“My personal collection of rare relics connected to the Bamberg witchcraft persecutions ranges from actual documents written by the witch burning Bishop himself to a rare portrait of the monster which was painted when he came to power in the early 1620s.”

Steve explained how recent purchases may finally lead him to a treasure that he’s been chasing for over 30 years.

Steve Santini, left, and Ralph Buso, right, exploring the torture chamber of an ancient medieval castle in England. Steve Santini /

“Recently Ralph and I have located and purchased previously unknown papers and maps and even a 17th gold covered golden Prince Bishop’s goblet that was found in a German town that is located along the route he would have taken when he fled Bamberg during the 30 Years War,” he explained.

“We believe he may have used this goblet as partial payment to escape with his hoard past the Swedish troops stationed in the region.

“There are details in the objects themselves and also in the rare documents that offer clues.

Responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent souls, the, “Malleus Maleficarum”, is arguably one of the most evil books ever printed. It is a virtual, “how to book”, on how to identify, imprison, torture, and execute alleged, “witches.” Steve Santini /

“Clues to where the witch burning Prince Bishop fled, clues to where he died, and more importantly, clues to the route he took and people and organizations who may have sheltered him along the way.

“In a very obscure source I discovered that not only had he stolen the earthly belongings of his victims, but he had in fact looted the Bamberg cathedral of all the gold worship relics. To my knowledge, these were never recovered.

“I knew that to find what he stole I had to get inside his head and think like he would have.

In this 19th century illustration, a helpless nude woman accused of witchcraft is subjected to the agonies of repeated jabs with a witch pricker. Steve Santini /

“I had to look into the eyes of a monster. Once I was at this point, Ralph and I made a pact that we would do whatever we could to find what the Prince Bishop stole and return it to any living relatives of his victims.

“Or, install any valuable objects recovered in a purpose built memorial museum in Bamberg dedicated to those lost. Such a museum does not yet exist but we would be happy to play a part in the dedication of one.”