TANZANIA. Konrad Wothe / naturepl.com / mediadrumworld.com

By Rebecca Drew

FASCINATING video footage shows the moment one clever chimpanzee used a piece of grass to extract a tasty ant snack from inside a tree.

The mind-blowing clip shows the chimp carefully feeding the grass into a hole in the tree trunk before pulling it out moments later covered in insects to gorge on before dipping the grass back in for seconds.

Incredible pictures show the inquisitive primate inspecting his blade of grass and slurping the ants into his mouth.

The pictures and footage were taken at Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania by German wildlife photographer Konrad Wothe.

TANZANIA. Konrad Wothe / naturepl.com / mediadrumworld.com

“I love nature, travelling and the creativity required to work behind a camera,” said Konrad on his website.

“My main focus is to document animals in their natural habitat, exhibiting their particular character and typical behaviour.

“I have photographed animals, plants, landscapes and more at many of the most beautiful sites between the Arctic and the Antarctic.”

Chimpanzees are sophisticated tool users, using stones to crack nuts and they are often seen fishing for ants and termites with sticks and grass.

Female chimps are considered to use tools more often than their male counterparts.