WASHINGTON, DC., USA. Katy Hamilton / mediadrumworld.com

By Liana Jacob

MEET the woman who was so sick of being overweight her whole life that she took a remarkable U-turn in her diet which led to her losing five stone ten pounds in just ONE YEAR.

Teacher, Katy Hamilton (27), from Washington, DC., USA, recalls being overweight her entire adolescent life, despite living a sporty life before University.

WASHINGTON, DC., USA. Katy Hamilton / mediadrumworld.com

When she started her course, she dropped out of all activities related to sports, while increasing her calorie intake from living the student lifestyle of campus food, fizzy drinks and alcohol.

Through this unhealthy diet, Katy reached the weight of 17 stone seven pounds and UK dress size 22 to 24.

After feeling sick, chronically tired, stressed and developing terrible skin, Katy decided to make a change, starting the crossfit routine, a fitness regimen founded by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in 2000.

WASHINGTON, DC., USA. Katy Hamilton / mediadrumworld.com

After ditching the unhealthy food and drink and working out three time a week, while fitting in a 45 minute to-an-hour walk every day, she managed to lose five stone 10 pounds, resulting in weighing a slimmer 11 stone 11 pounds and a UK dress size of 10 to 12.

“My weight was always something I wished I could change, I just never could quite make it work,” Katy said.

“I felt really bad physically more than I did emotionally about my body. I got sick often, had horrible digestive and hormonal issues with terrible skin.

“Feeling horrible most of the time made me want to lose weight. I hated feeling sick after most meals due to my digestive issues and was sick of feeling chronically tired and stressed.

WASHINGTON, DC., USA. Katy Hamilton / mediadrumworld.com

“I lost a majority of the weight in the first year by just changing my lifestyle and daily habits. I stopped eating campus food and ready meals for lunches and dinners on Sundays.

“I started working out about three times a week doing a combination of strength and cardio. My diet and exercise are the opposite of what they were before.

“I eat mostly vegetables and meat, drink plenty of water, and exercise almost every day of the week; whether it’s just a long walk or an intense crossfit workout.”

WASHINGTON, DC., USA. Katy Hamilton / mediadrumworld.com

Katy says that due to her lifestyle change, she feels more open to doing new things she never would have done before.

“I am so much more comfortable in my skin,” she said.

“I lead a much more positive life and I am able to do so many things I never thought I’d do; like join crossfit, run half-marathons and shop at any store I want.

WASHINGTON, DC., USA. Katy Hamilton / mediadrumworld.com

“I’m a very confident person despite all the flaws I still have. I feel proud of myself regularly and I’m driven to keep making and reaching goals.

“I feel strong and empowered by what my body is able to do. Most people don’t believe I was overweight if I’ve met them after my weight loss.

“I show many of them my Instagram to give them a better idea. Many are inspired. Most ask how they can be healthier and for any advice.”

WASHINGTON, DC., USA. Katy Hamilton / mediadrumworld.com

Despite her miraculous lifestyle change and body transformation, Katy admits that she found the process very difficult.

“The hardest thing about losing weight is being patient. I never lost more than two to three pounds a week. It was slow, but steady,” she said.

“I had to learn to be proud of each little pound that added up instead of thinking ‘ugh, I’m still two stone 12 pounds away from my goal.’

WASHINGTON, DC., USA.. Katy Hamilton / mediadrumworld.com

“Start by looking at your small, daily habits that are making you unhealthy. For me, I started with kicking the bad diet soda habit.

“When that felt good, I’d pick another, then another, until slowly I had many healthy habits. Start small, go slow.”

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WASHINGTON, DC., USA. Katy Hamilton / mediadrumworld.com