By Mahima Kaur




ADORABLE footage shows the cutest pet mouse Mr Jingles enjoying his summertime in the pool and on a beach chair are sure to put you in the mood for sunny cheer.


Images and videos of the beloved Lincolnshire mouse, Mr Jingles show him enjoying his hot summer time in the pool with video capturing him having a snack on a tiny beach chair.


Scaffold company worker Martin Critchlow (55)’s favourite part of the day is when he gets home from work and Mr.Jingles, his three year old mouse, runs up to him out of his tank door.

Mr.Jingles out and about. Lincolnshire, ENGLAND

An adorable image shows Martin and Mr.Jingles busy at a game of cards.


MrJingles’ favourite snack is a Chinese prawn cracker and he likes spending his evenings in front of the telly.


MrJingles never dies,” said a jolly Martin.


“He is three years old and basically eats whatever he wants.

Mr.Jingles in his tiny pool. Lincolnshire, ENGLAND

“His favourite snack is the Chinese prawn cracker.


“He can actually do any video for one prawn cracker, he loves them so much.


“His other food includes bird seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.


Mr.Jingles waits for me to come home and then runs in my arms and onto my shoulder when I come back.

Mr.Jingles is a talented mouse. Lincolnshire, ENGLAND

“I then give him a treat while he sits on my shoulder while I am doing my cooking or making my tea.


“He loves watching telly with me.


“The little caravan day out for MrJingles at the beach was amazing and people around couldn’t stop laughing and smiling.”