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22-Foot Waves Engulfs Man

By Shannine O’Neill


THIS SHOCKING video shows over 22-foot waves engulfing a fisherman on his boat.

Aivis Dornis (43) who is the Captain of fishing vessels from Engure, Latvia was engulfed by a 22-foot wave while fishing for crabs in the middle of the North Sea.

Aivis has been crabbing for more than 20-years and has encountered many storms in his time, so was not fazed by the massive waves overtaking his 72-foot crab fishing vessel.

Aivis fishing for crabs.

The depth of the water in this part of the North Sea, nearest to the Grimsby Harbour, is around 131-feet deep and less than seven-degrees, making it a cold and miserable place of work when storms take over.

In this case, the storm was intense and quick according to Aivis, with it being over within eight hours.

The waves gained a height of over 22-feet during the night and ‘eased’ to 16-feet during the day.

Although Aivis was nearly consumed by the overwhelming seven-degrees waves, Aivis made it clear how at ease he felt due to his experience as a Captain of a fishing vessel.

“Storms happen all the time, especially in the winter,” he said.

The waves can get over 22-feet high.

“I have experienced this hundreds of times in my 20 years of crabbing.

“At times like these there is no time to be scared.

“And with all the experience I have, I felt pretty comfortable.”

Aivis usually stays on the boat full time for a month at a time, then takes a month off before getting right back to fishing for crabs the next month.

“I do a month on and month off routine,” he said.

“These days the weather predictions are pretty accurate.

The waves come up onto the boat often during a storm.

“During the night the waves were as high as 22-feet.

“This was filmed when the waves had died down enough for us to be able to haul our gear.

“I waited for the daylight to break, so I could see what’s coming towards me.

“It was a quick storm. And it was over before midday (a total of eight hours).”