By Shannine O’Neill


CREEPY IMAGES of a Welsh abandoned Morgue that is seemingly haunted have been caught on camera frozen in time.

A morbid shot of the mortuary register has been left abandoned in the mortuary while another image shows a sinister sign stating ‘Beware Danger Of Injections’.

Freeland Photographer Jordan L (24) from London, England explored this seemingly haunted morgue in Northern Wales that has been abandoned since 2003.

Jordan shot the eerie images using a Canon 2000D DSLR combined with the 10-18mm ultra wide angle lens.

One of the tables left behind.

Jordan had heard stories of the morgue being haunted by others who have visited the grounds, but after an hour of exploring the never-ending rooms still filled with medical tools and autopsy tables, she felt a sense of peace rather than fear.

Jordan felt as though the building was serene and comforting rather than haunted and creepy, with birds singing and it being in such a rural, tranquil location.

What Jordan also thought was quite strange  was that the porcelain tables that have been left there since 2003 were as clean and pristine as if they were still being used today.

The morgue opened in 1970 and was used as a place to embalm bodies of the deceased and perform autopsies when required.

There would have been hundreds of deceased bodies going through the morgue since it opened, leaving the possibility of many souls being left behind.

The juxtaposition of the scenic Welsh countryside and the morbid morgue situated there give a strong contrast to how much sadness the building would have seen while still being in such a beautiful and positive location.

Seats left behind.

“The morgue was used to embalm bodies of the deceased and conduct autopsies when required,” she said.

“They worked closely with the local funeral directors to remove and receive the deceased.

“It appears to have been running since the 1970’s and seemingly closed around 2003.

“I absolutely loved the little porcelain table.

“Porcelain mortuary tables are very rare now and to find a clean, tidy one is extremely unusual.”

Jordan felt a sense of tranquility being surrounded by the Welsh countryside, even though she was standing in a building that has experienced so much death and heartbreak.

“It was oddly peaceful and calm,” she said.

“I’ve seen some people claim that it was haunted or they felt terrified but I just don’t see it.

“Nobody died here and it’s in a scenic location so I was quite relaxed.

“It was just a small, quiet morgue in a scenic area with nothing but forest and birdsong surrounding us.

“It was almost a tranquil experience.”