Whether offering T-shirts as charitable items or part of a raffle, choosing an attractive design is vital. During charitable events, T-shirts are the closest things your volunteers will have to a uniform. Not only do T-shirts for charity organizations identify volunteers and other participants in the event, but they also promote a sense of purpose and unity.

But how can you choose the best T-shirts for your charity organisation? Here are some tips that can help you:

Go for colourful designs

More often than not, charity events are colourful, and your T-shirts should match that vibe. Besides looking attractive, colourful T-shirts will boost the morale of your volunteers. Choose a colour that matches the charitable event. For instance, green will blend well if it’s an environmental event. On the other hand, consider avoiding white T-shirts as theyā€™ll stain easily, no matter how clean and crisp it looks at the start of the event. Combining different colours will trigger an exciting thrill at the charity event.

Get a great design

T-shirts for charity organizations in the UK shouldn’t just be plain. Create a vibrant design to make them more attractive. First, get the charity logo on the T-shirt. If the charity event lacks a logo, get creative and develop one. You can also have the name of the charity event on the T-shirt and perhaps the event’s mission. If the charity organization has social media handles, you can include them too.

You need to be very focused when choosing the design. Keep it simple, as too much information may be irrelevant and distract from the main goal of the T-shirts. Alternatively, you can hire a professional designer to develop a design.

Find a vendor

Where will you get your T-shirts from? Find a vendor who can deliver the best quality T-shirts for charity organizations in the UK. You can start by window shopping from physical and online stores. If you don’t know a vendor, try looking for recommendations online or from friends. Always compare prices in different stores to get the best deal.

Alternatively, you can consider dealing with a clothing company. The Charity Clothing Company is one of the best choices you can work with because it manufactures, designs, and brands different clothes. You’ll enjoy custom-made products in different sizes and designs when dealing with a clothing company. Additionally, you’ll get a good deal when purchasing T-shirts in bulk for charity organisations in the UK.

Order the right stock

You need to know the number of T-shirts you’ll need and the different sizes. Determining the exact T-shirt sizes can be tricky as the charity event attendees may vary. You can estimate the sizes depending on the target group. For instance, if the charity organization is targeting children, order T-shirts that are small (S); if it’s targeting adults, order large (L) and extra-large (XL). If possible, ensure you order enough to allow each participant at the event to have one.

Quality Matters

If you’re on a tight budget, low-grade nylon or cotton is the perfect material for your T-shirts, if you have a flexible budget, consider purchasing quality t-shirts. Remember, the participants at your charity event or organization will wear the T-shirts for hours or even days; hence they should be comfortable enough. Purchasing high-quality T-shirts will make your charity event memorable too.


With the above tips, it should be a walk in the park to choose T-shirts for your charitable organization. With a good design, your T-shirts will communicate the message because the event attendees will enjoy wearing them.