Wrongful deaths occur due to workplace, professional, and public accidents across the nation every year. Unfortunately, certain incidents and accident types are much more likely to lead to severe injuries or death. When you or a family member are placed into this unfortunate scenario, surviving family members of the accident’s victim must be taken care of. Wrongful death lawsuits exist for this very reason and help to keep family members of wrongful death victims financially afloat post-accident. Four incidents are especially commonplace when looking at what scenarios actually lead to wrongful death lawsuits: 

1. Workplace Accident Lawsuits 


Workplace deaths are more common in high-risk occupations like risky manual labor and construction, but if an employer places an employee in a dangerous scenario at work or even off-site, it could result in a wrongful death. For this reason, any industry or job could theoretically create a scenario where a wrongful death lawsuit is justified. Overworked employees are put at much higher risk of workplace injury and death, so jobs that require long hours are often involved in wrongful death suits as well. Doctors, police officers, teachers, and other high-intensity positions are important to consider for this reason. Those looking for a wrongful death lawyer to represent their family’s needs should be ready to gather as much evidence as humanly possible before filing a case, however. The more prepared you are for pre-court dates, the more likely it will be that you can settle the case outside of court, and avoid the courtroom altogether. 

2. Medical Malpractice Lawsuits 


Even though the majority of healthcare personnel are highly skilled, mistakes still occur. When these mistakes occur, serious injuries, permanent disabilities, and even death can happen. The most frequent causes of wrongful death in situations of medical negligence are either a misdiagnosis of a condition or a failure to diagnose a condition, however, these scenarios prevent the affected individual from receiving life-saving care. Errors made during surgery and when treating illnesses are two more common instances of medical misconduct. When a patient passes away, the family may file a wrongful death case based on evidence that suggests the death may have been caused by a prescription error, misdiagnosis, surgical damage, misdiagnosis, or delayed diagnosis.

3. Pedestrian-Involved Accident Lawsuits


Fatalities can happen when a car does not stop for a pedestrian, is driving recklessly, or simply does not see someone walking in a crosswalk. Pedestrians who are struck by an automobile have little protection and may sustain serious injuries. When a pedestrian is an elderly person or a young child, who frequently has slower reaction times, the risks are doubled. Inattentional drivers and poorly defined bike lanes put cyclists at many of the same risks as pedestrians. Especially in large cities, pedestrians are at much higher risk of being harmed, or killed, by inattentive vehicle operators. If you or a loved one is killed due to this type of tragic situation, you need to hire a wrongful death lawyer to fight for the justice and compensation that you rightfully deserve. 

4. Auto Accident Lawsuits 


Due to the high number of drivers and the frequency of driving, car accidents are the most frequent cause of wrongful death. Large cities see hundreds of car collisions every single day, after all. Each year, those collisions result in thousands of fatalities, which in turn makes auto accidents a key factor that leads to wrongful death lawsuits. The vast majority of fatal car accidents involve at least one negligent driver, whether as a result of speeding, reckless driving, failing to pay attention to the road, or operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Any other parties involved in the collision, including other drivers and passengers, may be held accountable for their deaths by negligent drivers. Additionally, the city or county may be responsible if the accident happened as a result of a road problem. Understanding whether or not your family member’s death qualifies for a wrongful death lawsuit may require a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, however. 

Time is of the Essence


When filing a wrongful death lawsuit, time is always of the essence. You need to get evidence to support your claims as fast as humanly possible. Thankfully, a skilled wrongful death lawyer will understand how to guide you through this process. During this difficult time, you’ll need all the emotional and professional support you can get, after all. With any luck, you’ll gain the compensation and justice that your lost family member deserves after filing your wrongful death lawsuit.