Crypto trading is the most widespread way to earn money from crypto coins. The fact
is that digital assets are incredibly volatile, which means their rates fluctuate daily and
demonstrate sharp jumps as well. Those people engaged in crypto trading know the
best option to track crypto prices – they use a crypto value calculator. Such calculators
allow picking crypto assets and seeing their current market price. For example, you
want to buy Solana coins, and you have Ethereum in your wallet. So you select the top
crypto ETH and SOL, and the crypto price calculator shows how much it will cost to
buy SOL coins with the amount of ETH.

Using the converter, you may convert assets quickly. Another question is what crypto
value calculator to use. The market offers a variety of trading platforms with
calculators, but not all of them deserve trust. Finally, we want to talk about one
reliable crypto exchange – WhiteBIT.

WhiteBIT Platform – Why is It the Best Pick?

This exchange operated under European jurisdiction and complies with the regulator's
requirements. It is a centralized platform, so you need to register an account and pass
verification to access all its features. It is crucial for the exchange to track users'
activity and block all suspicious actions that may be done. Such a strict system
ensures users' safety and does not allow any illegal activity to occur on the platform
because it would impose a threat to other users and ruin the platform's reputation.

Some facts about WhiteBIT:

  • The exchange supports over 450 trading pairs, including the more expensive
    cryptocurrencies and cheap and less-known coins that are only beginning their
  • The platform offers an educational resource for learning about the crypto market and
    publishes reviews on up-and-coming crypto projects you might not have known about.
  • The exchange allows fiat-crypto conversion and quick withdrawals to your bank card.
  • There is the WBT utility token that brings many benefits to its holders. For example, having WBT, you receive discounts for trading fees.

The platform allows passive income – crypto lending. If you are interested, you are
welcome to the WhiteBIT blog.