Planning the perfect country getaway might sound like something for the dreamers, but you might find that it is far more easily attainable than you thought. This could be a huge thing as far as you are concerned, a long-term goal that you have been working toward, especially if you have always desired breaks in the country after living in the city all of your life. Here are some ways that you can escape to the country, whether that is for a holiday, or simply to incorporate some country ways into your city-orientated lifestyle. 

Look into luxury holidays 

Looking into luxury holidays in the country might just be the perfect way for you to live out your dream, even if it is just for a week or so. So, you are going to need to look into finding the best cottages and luxury lodges like those by The Hollies Retreats, available for you to stay in. 

Whether you are taking the whole family out to the Cheshire countryside or you are thinking about just taking your spouse to the romantic landscapes of Scotland, you are going to want to ensure that you are staying in the most beautiful places to make your stay worthwhile. There is little point in traveling all that way and just staying in a rundown B&B, and a self-catering luxury lodge is one of the best ways to have independence and not have to experience the crowded and somewhat impersonal nature of a hotel. 

Incorporate countryside hobbies into your everyday life

Incorporating countryside hobbies into your every day can help you get a touch of the lifestyle you have always wanted. You never know; you might even take them up in preparation for your escape to your luxury lodge. There are a huge number of hobbies that you can take up that are incredibly popular in the countryside. 

For example, if you are an animal lover, you might find that horseriding is absolutely perfect for you. You might also find that other games such as bowls, golf, and hiking might be a whole lot of fun for the entire family. There is a huge range of activities to do (or at least plan to do) that can feel enriching and really help you taste that country life that you have been craving, whether it is just a once-a-week indulgence or to really make the most of your holiday experience. 

To wrap things up 

When it comes to planning a holiday escape to the country, or just getting a little bit of country life in your veins, you might find that there are many ways that you can achieve what you want. This might be going to a luxury lodge retreat for an incredible experience, or it might be incorporating countryside hobbies into your everyday life. You might even find what suits you best is a mix between the two. Either way, planning the perfect country escape is exciting, and you should grab the opportunity with both hands.