WASHINGTON, USA: Cameron, Naomi and MacKenzie (left to right). MDWfeatures / @polyandprosecco

By Rebecca Drew


WASHINGTON, USA: THIS TRIAD’S children played on the same football team and after hanging out together they fell in love and say that people react with disgust towards their relationship and are convinced that he has FORCED the two women to be with him. Business owner and council worker, Cameron McGee (31) and his wife, stay at home mum, MacKenzie (31) both from Centralia, Washington, USA, met at a Super Bowl party when they were just nine years old and were married 10 years ago in October 2009.  The couple have three children together, Atticus (7), Maxim (5) and Solomon (3) and had never explored polyamory until they met their partner, legal assistant, Naomi Snell (34) who is originally from Harlow, Essex, UK, but moved to America in June 2004, at their respective sons’ football training session. Naomi who has three children from a previous relationship, Elizabeth (10), Oliver (8) and William (7) started chatting to Cameron and MacKenzie at the training session and the three of them soon became close friends and started hanging out with their respective families. Within months the three adults had fallen in love and their romantic relationship started in October 2018 but they didn’t make it official until May 2019 as they had to carefully consider whether pursuing a relationship would be the best decision for everyone involved and as it was everyone’s first experience of polyamory there were a lot of emotions to process. They have been living together with their combined six children since August and as a blended family, their kids love having the extra love and support of additional people in their family. For Cameron, MacKenzie and Naomi, polyamory means choosing not to limit their love but they’ve received mixed reactions from the general public who assume that their relationship is purely sexual, that Cameron has forced the women to be with him or react with disgust towards them. Mediadrumworld / @polyandprosecco

WASHINGTON, USA: MacKenzie, Naomi and Cameron (left to right). MDWfeatures / @polyandprosecco

“We all met when our oldest boys were on the same soccer team. We went to the first practice and started chatting afterwards,” said MacKenzie.

“After a couple of weeks, we started spending time together with our families, and very quickly fell in love. We also only lived a half of a block away, so getting together was very easy.

WASHINGTON, USA: Cameron and MacKenzie on their wedding day. MDWFeatures/ @polyandprosecco

“Our relationship really began in October of 2018, but we weren’t officially together until May of 2019. We were figuring out a lot of the logistics and whether it was the absolute best decision for everybody, not just us. This was also our first and only foray into polyamory, so there was a lot to decipher emotionally.

“Polyamory is a wide umbrella that our type of relationship is a very small part of. Polyamory means to us that we’ve chosen not to limit our love and don’t want to limit our partners’ love.

“We have found a lot of societal expectations can be somewhat toxic, we are a polyfidelitous triad, which means we are a closed relationship, but all of us are in love with the others; we are all equal parts in this relationship.

WASHINGTON, USA: The triad met and fell in love at their kids’ football training. MDWfeatures / @polyandprosecco

“The best things about being in a triad are the abundance of love, being in a relationship with both a man and a woman, always having someone you love around, and the teamwork that helps us get through life with ease and joy.

“Our children were all incredibly excited. They have an extra person loving and caring for them, as well as three new siblings. Kids are open-minded and great.”

The throuple admit that they don’t get jealous of each other and say that the key to the success of their relationship is open and honest communication.

WASHINGTON, USA: MacKenzie, Cameron and Naomi (left to right). MDWfeatures / @polyandprosecco

Despite the sometimes negative reaction they have received, Cameron, MacKenzie and Naomi have also received a lot of support and say that by sharing their relationship, they’ve opened people’s eyes to monogamy not being the only way to love in this world.

“We have received a lot of different reactions. We often have people assume that it is just a sexual thing for us. We have had people assume that Cameron has just talked women into being with him. We have had people react with disgust and say they don’t want to see it,” said MacKenzie.

“We have had people be excited and super interested. We have had people assume we are open and try to sleep with us. We have had a lot of questions and genuine interest in how it works. It has honestly blown people’s minds in that they didn’t even know this was an option.

WASHINGTON, USA: The triad fell in love after meeting at their children’s football training. MDWFeatures/ @polyandprosecco

“We don’t really get jealous of each other in the way that most people would assume that we do. It’s honestly more of a fear of missing out than a jealousy. We deal with those feelings as well as any disagreements by talking about them openly and honestly. We communicate very well and have found that to be one of the most important things.

“The message we would like to convey is that love is love. That the only way to love isn’t monogamous or heterosexual. Loving one person doesn’t mean you can’t love another. As humans, our capacity for love is limitless and magnificent. This is normal.

“The advice we would give is to not close yourself off to love, be brave, and communicate.”