By Mark McConville


INCREDIBLE IMAGES and video footage has revealed the robotic photographer that debuted at a wedding in the Midlands recently.

The stunning footage shows Eva the robot in action as she takes photographs of wedding guests at the evening do.

Other striking shots show people posing for the human-size robot to take their snap and the large screen where Eva shows the picture she has taken.

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Eva Photography Robot can be hired or bought from for events.

“People just aren’t interested in traditional fun photo booths and magic mirrors anymore,” said a company spokesperson.

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“They are looking for something new and memorable that will really make their event stand out. None of the guests at this wedding will ever forget their first encounter with a robot photographer and it will provide the happy couple with a lovely reminder of their special day.”

Eva the Robot Photographer is very special and has been designed specifically to be able to roam around the venue – using her facial recognition technology to recognise guests, before asking them if they would like to have their photo taken.

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Eva’s large colour screen allows guests to intuitively navigate the wide range of photography options she has to offer. After the photo has been taken, it can be printed off at a nearby print station, or Eva can upload them straight to the social media platforms of the guest’s choice.

Eva heralds a change from more traditional forms of wedding entertainment, like static photobooths and magic mirrors – which coincides with the rise in use of service robots for a wide range of purposes.

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According to users demand interactivity from all forms of technology now, which is only going to see robots continue to rise in popularity. Robot hire is steadily growing in popularity, and this trend shows no sign of stopping.

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