By Rebecca Drew


THIS SIXTY-TWO-YEAR-OLD bodybuilding gran of three is in the shape of her life after recovering from colon cancer for which she credits her MEAT ONLY carnivore diet for helping her heal which sees her eat over TWO-POUNDS of the stuff a day.

Architect, Eva Birath (62) from Gothenburg, Sweden, first started bodybuilding when she was 40 and even competed from 2003 to 2009. During this time Eva, who suffers with hypothyroidism, followed a high protein diet and ate lots of chicken and rice and protein drinks but for the last year she competed she started to follow a low carbohydrate high fat ketogenic diet which helped her feel energetic within herself and helped her fuel her intense training.

Eva has followed the carnivore diet for a year now and credits it for helping her recover from colon cancer. MDWfeatures / Eva Birath

In April 2017, Eva was diagnosed with colon cancer which was operated on in the July to remove the tumour and almost 12-inches of her colon. After this, Eva started to investigate other diets to boost her health and came across the carnivore diet which involves consuming only meat, fish, eggs and water.

Mum-of-two and gran-of-three Eva has been following the carnivore diet for a year now and says that it has helped her recovery from cancer as her diet is free from sugar and starch which some claim helps cancerous cells thrive.

Almost instantly Eva noticed improvements to her health as her pollen allergy was relieved, her blood pressure went from high to normal, she started to sleep better and had more energy and felt less anxious.

Eva eats around 2,000 calories a day but fasts until midday, only having coffee in the morning and her diet is now 80 per cent beef. She works out four times a week and has gone from 15st 3lb to 12st 12lb.

Eva has followed the carnivore diet for a year now and credits it for helping her recover from colon cancer. MDWfeatures / Eva Birath

“The carnivore diet is only meat, fish, eggs and water, coffee without milk is ok. You eat when you are hungry and eat until you are full and drink when you are thirsty. No supplements are required,” said Eva.

“Before I was on a ketogenic diet with not too much protein, 70g maximum from meat, fish and eggs, I ate lots of butter and cheese and loads of vegetables, berries and nuts.

“Now, I eat around one kilo of meat and water with intermittent fasting. I only have coffee in the morning and food at midday.

“I’m so much better off without any fibre. For the first time in my life, my stomach gives me no worries at all. Carnivore is the natural and effortless way to lose fat and get in good shape.

Eva modelling in the eighties. MDWfeatures / Eva Birath

“My improvements started after just a couple of weeks, even though I did have some issues with the transition in the beginning.

“The first thing I noticed was that my allergy for pollen completely disappeared, and after that everything has successively improved.

“My blood pressure has gone from high, 150/95, to normal, 112/77, my cravings are gone, I’m losing fat, my sleep is much better, I have no more leg cramps, I’m feeling more energetic and at the same time more calm, my stomach is now perfect, my skin, hair and nails has improved, I’m getting more muscular, feeling younger and have more libido.

Eva eats chicken hearts. MDWfeatures / Eva Birath

“My hypothyroidism is slowly getting better, no cravings whatsoever – only natural hunger.

“One and a half years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer and was operated on for that.  I had been eating low carb, high fat for about 10 years but not until a year ago I started to feel great with my carnivore diet.

“Cancer cells live off sugar, so to avoid everything with sugar and starch helps to avoid new cancer cells, also avoiding all vegetables has helped to heal my guts.”

The initial change of switching from a ketogenic diet to the carnivore diet caused Eva to struggle with fatigue and light-headedness but this subsided after the first week.

Eva has followed the carnivore diet for a year now and credits it for helping her recover from colon cancer. MDWfeatures / Eva Birath

“I went from a strict ketogenic diet, so all I did was skip the veggies, nuts, berries, dairy and vegetable oils but I felt tired and a bit dizzy for the first week,” she said.

“Ribeye is my favourite meat as it tastes delicious and has a good fat balance. I’m about eighty per cent beef but I do eat chicken and shrimps sometimes.

“People who are overweight, have any health issues or mental problems, should try it. They will be surprised.

“Follow people on Instagram, for instance Dr Shawn Baker, listen to podcasts and YouTube like Dr Georgia Ede and Aber O’Hearn, join a good carnivore Facebook group and learn everything in advance.

“Read success stories on Be well prepared.”


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