By Liana Jacob


MEET THE man who sacrificed love for sugar dating after being offered money by men on Grindr and now earns around £3.8K a month.


In 2015, entertainer and sugar baby, Kaeden Harveland (18), from Washington, USA, downloaded Grindr, a dating app for the gay, bisexual and transgender community. Men would ask him out on dates and slip him a little bit of money, he then began taking advantage of this and asked for more money.

A picture of Kaeden.
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures


He has since been on various dates, dinners and holidays with men who have paid him in the form of jewellery, holidays and even cars. His hobby has sometimes attracted men who were willing to come out to their family for him.


This lifestyle choice has negatively affected his love life at times when he has been genuinely attracted to some men, who just see him as ‘extra’.

Kaeden showing off his watch from a sugar daddy worth 12,000 dollars.
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures


He has since been earning between £1.3K and £3.8K a month ($2K and $5K a month).


“I’ve been out in several positions where I want to leave or am put in an uncomfortable situation. I wouldn’t say it happens more than when a barista gets a bad customer, but it still does happen,” Kaeden said.

Kaeden pictured in front of a range rover he bought through a sugar daddy.
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures


“I’m very vocal about what I want so before I even meet up with them; they already know what I’m looking for.

“A way to prevent this from happening is to triple check who you’re about to associate with and let it be a mutual agreement. No what ifs or buts.

A picture of Kaeden (3).
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures


“My biggest let-down when it comes to my personal love life is when I get the response, ‘I just watched your channel and you’re too extra for me’.


“I’ve had that response so many times that I’m numb to it. I just remember the right one will come pass my content and love me for me.

Kaeden pictured at a festival in front of a bike.
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures


“I first started getting into the sugar baby world once I downloaded the app Grindr. People would ask me to go on dates and slip me a little bit of money.


“I started taking advantage of this and asking for more and more money. It ended up adding up over time which resulted in me getting various luxuries.

Kaeden pictured at a festival (2).
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures


“Luxuries vary from shopping sprees to electronics to a sweet vacation getaway. Recently I’ve been strict with who I consider a sugar daddy.


“Since I’ve been making this income, I only shoot for the big boys. The ones with thousands in which can travel and donate bigger luxuries.

Kaeden pictured at a festival.
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures


“My most extravagant gift was probably a brand-new car in which I sold. It was an unreal feeling. One date that stood out to me was a stroll in Green Lake, Seattle.


“We went to dinner then when I thought we were going home, he said, ‘no, no, now let’s take a walk through Green Lake.’

Kaeden pictured at a party.
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures


“All I remember is how long the walk was and how I couldn’t wait to be home. It gets tiring listening to irrelevant topics over and over again by the same person for one to two hours.


“My friends wanted to hop on after I was doing it for a while, but they were hesitant in the beginning. At first my family was worried about my safety and that I was influenced by a bad lifestyle but most of them understand now.”

Kaeden pictured at a movie premier.
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures


Sugar dating is when someone searches for a wealthy partner for the sole purpose of financial benefits.


Kaeden explains the ways sugar dating has affected his personal and professional life.

A picture of Kaeden (2).
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures


“It may have pushed away some boys that I’ve genuinely been attracted to. I understand but it sucks. Also, brands look at it in a provocative way, so I’ve been denied brand deals and partnerships,” he said.


“Not to mention, YouTube demonetised my whole channel for creating this content. It isn’t going to stop me from doing what I love nor affect my love for my audience.


“Someone once told me they would come out of the closet to their family for me and that penetrated my soul a little bit, while another told me he’d pay me to have his kids.

Kaeden pictured on a yacht.
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures

“I’ll be in Rome in November to visit a sugar daddy. They will be paying for all hospitality and travel and sometimes they’ll have a bottle of Moscato waiting in the limo.


“If you’re into sugar dating remember your worth and make the most of what you’ve got. Everyone is beautiful, it’s just how you use it to make the money.


“I encourage fellow sugar babies only to do it if they’re comfortable with themselves and know how to set boundaries. It can be a wild ‘vacay’.”

A selfie of Kaeden.
Kaeden Harveland / MDWfeatures